Love & Relationships
Love & Relationships

Carolita Johnson tallies the costs and benefits of love and cohabitation as a woman artist living in a patriarchy. via A Woman’s Work: Home Economics — Longreads
A friend and an old schoolmate of mine, Josephine Shiaka recently celebrated her 10yr wedding anniversary with splendour and rewarding grace and I just had to have her share her secrets for getting this far in her marriage. In...
Dear Future Hubby I have some exciting news to share! Today, I decided to follow my passion and chase my dreams. I quit my job to focus full time on my events planning business

Take time to ask her if she likes a particular position or what turns her on. Be intentional in your lovemaking instead of rushing through with the process. There are sex toys and games to familiar yourself with (Google it) to make your days and nights more anticipatory.

There’s always that one thing which you don’t mind waking up at dawn to do. Whether it’s baking scones, writing a short Children’s story or painting still life. You need to go back to it if you somehow abandoned it along the way. I went back to my love of writing which life had almost made me forget about. Rediscovering your passion ignites an inner joy within you which lights up your face every time you focus on it.