There are more than 3 million Ghanaians on Facebook. Out of that number less than a million are aware of how to manage their profile pages with respect to security and privacy. Unsuspecting Ghanaians have been duped by identity thieves...

If you are a newbie blogger with a just-published blog then read more to learn from my mistakes over the years. If you have been blogging for some time, you will still need to read this because the learning cycle keeps spinning everyday and there’s always something new to attract more readers for your blog.

After reading the news about this traumatic ordeal. Leila Djansi, PepperDemMinistries and I have launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to support the victim's reconstructive surgery.

Things changed recently when I volunteered to be an observer for Ghana Decides a non-partisan project supported by StarGhana, during this year’s elections. Why? Because I was eager to share photos & videos on Instagram for the world to know what was going on and also to experience what really happens in the field during our elections.

People's lives will never be the same after watching this epic battle between a husband and a 'homewrecker' penguin. You have to watch this video to understand what the flip is all about.

In a digitally enriched business environment, its essential for women entrepreneurs to empower themselves with the right digital skills to grow their businesses.

Yes you read that right. Presidential candidate and hopeful Nana Akufo-Addo is tearing his Twitter account to shreds with his tweetstorm #ItWontWork. So far his timeline is flooded with the hashtag to communicate to his opponents ( key or minor)  that no matter what they say or do #ItWontWork

Have you recently created a Whatsapp group and totally lost control of the group page? A page which you set up to manage an event, a community group or an old students meetup group which has suddenly evolved into a horrific mass of chain mail, if-you-dont-forward-this-you-wont-get-your-blessings texts and forwards which eat into your data. This can easily happen to you especially when you aren't conversant with being a super Group admin manager.

These are my top tips for managing a WhatsApp Group like a boss

I got questions on how I was able to overcome the trauma and what books I read which guided me to start out. This post is for anyone out there who is still struggling to overcome the mental trauma of being laid off and what resources I have read over the period to build myself up.

My blog had won Top Lifestyle Blog of Africa for 2016 at the African Bloggers Awards!  I jumped up screaming in the most girlish manner possible! Ellie my intern looked up sharply at the unpredictable movement .

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