MIZANI, the professional authority for textured hair worldwide, provides consumers and stylists with superior and innovative salon services and product solutions to transition looks with confidence while maintaining hair and scalp health. With over 25 years of research throughout the United States...
I just don't know how else to explain what happened. I mean, he had to be high to think it was okay to do this to my head. 
My earliest memory of seeing and being aware of a market was at Tuesday market            ( JuFor Jaanor) a rather popular local market in the suburbs of Mamprobi where I was born and raised....

In its attempt of capturing the quintessentials of African culture, Black Panther succeeded with a grade of 99.9%.

Polositas, is easy to spot in its grey exterior highlighted with red details and a little on your left just before Glory Oil and a few seconds from Danquah Circle heading towards Labadi. 

About two weeks ago, I received an email from YouTube to take me off their monetization plan as a YouTube Partner because I didn't have 1000 subscribers. Saying I was crushed doesn't even cut it. I mean, I was devastated!

Generating a great startup name can be a quite a task, isn’t it? And especially if you want to avoid using your personal name, religious connotations ( which are very popular with small businesses and corner stores ) or downright pirating of existing global companies, then picking the perfect business name can be daunting and frustrating.

There are simple things which can disgruntle a customer and completely destroy their first-time experience at a restaurant. It's always the little things which restaurant owners miss out on or pay little attention to and end up with a...

So back to how we drove 35 minutes to Ako Adjei to experience cubanos at Little Havana Afro-Latino Cuban Cantina.

The Award recognizes Mövenpick for its exceptionally high standards in product quality, increase in business activities, hotel service delivery and guest satisfaction.

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