I live in one of the craziest and busiest cities in Ghana which is Accra and also happens to be the capital of the country. Compare it to London in terms of business, traffic, job opportunities and a greater...

This salad is a new recipe I developed on the go for a late lunch break. I had gone to North Industrial Area earlier in the day when I spied a Farmers Market signboard and decided to go check out what they had in stock. The celery was actually reasonably priced so I grabbed that before my mind could change. Celery salad here I come. 

I was recently contacted by a friend (who chooses to remain anonymous) recently who shared how she had been feeling ill for months and how to her utter shock was diagnosed with Bilharzia! Shocking, right? And it all began after enjoying some water sports during a visit to Ada. Here's her harrowing experience..

My friend and I finally ended up in my cousin’s house. I spent some time there and just when I decided to leave for home, I felt some strong contractions. I visited their washroom to assess what was going on

In case you just asked, 'what on earth is black rice?' let me take you to class for a minute 😄. Black rice which I recently discovered whilst actually looking for Ramen ingredients, has been documented as coming originally from ancient China

I was at the Ghana Garden & Flower Show last two weeks as a vendor for Storefoundry. Now, my strategy wasn’t to only pitch to prospective clients to sign up for their custom storefront but to also make some sales by selling Nm3daa. What is nm3daa, you ask?

People are dying in their workplaces and they aren't even aware that they are being exposed to serious health issues due to the substances they work with. Substances like paint, sand, varnishes, oils, flour, wheat, fertilisers, ink etc are all dangerous to your health if you work with these within your 8-hour work period

  The lack of male responsibility starts as early as the time a couple is trying to conceive.  Of course if a woman becomes pregnant easily she is praised and the families are happy.  However, if she is unable to become pregnant, she, the woman, is held responsible.  Although it’s true there are cases when a woman’s infertility can be cause for concern, 33% of the time it’s actually the man who is either infertile or has a very low sperm count.  But in African cultures, rarely does a man speak up and admit that he could be the cause of the problem. 

The Sobolo drink also called Bissap or Roselle is a species of Hibiscus native to West Africa.  It is gradually taking over the local beverage industry in Ghana. Despite being around for centuries, this local drink for the past three years has gotten quite a bit of attention. Today, small-scale home-based businesses are tapping into this drink by bottling and selling it in all kinds of flavours.  Think of ginger, lemon, coconut water, pineapple etc.

I just got fed up one day after visiting the market. Things are getting expensive. I am talking about basic ingredients for making a great meal. Tomatoes which are being imported from Burkina Faso always seem to be getting more expensive. Onions which always gives my gravies extra flavor keeps skyrocketing. As for Kpakposhito, I was almost insulted in Makola for asking the market woman to ‘wo mli’ ( top up). 1 cedi wouldn’t even last two stews.

My solution? To go back to creating my own backyard farm, yes! It wouldn’t be the first time. When I was in Ridge Church School, we were taught how to make vegetable beds and plant vegetables. I was so enthused that I took this idea back home and told my Dad I wanted to plant carrots and lettuce. And I did! It was such a rewarding experience which I now want to bring back.

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