Quail is such a tiny game bird and the first time I saw it featherless (naked) I had a minor food culture shock!
My earliest memory of seeing and being aware of a market was at Tuesday market            ( JuFor Jaanor) a rather popular local market in the suburbs of Mamprobi where I was born and raised....
Au Grand Ecuyer is a French West African restaurant is Osu with a delectable selection of West African French cuisine with very minimal attention paid to decor. Nestled between HoneySuckle Pub in Osu and a clothing boutique, this restaurant...

Polositas, is easy to spot in its grey exterior highlighted with red details and a little on your left just before Glory Oil and a few seconds from Danquah Circle heading towards Labadi. 

So I cooked Jollof in an unglazed clay pot the other day and invited a couple of friends over for a taste experience. Thanks to Lydia Forson's Instagram post which featured Abe nkwan boiling and roiling in clay pots over gas; my curiosity was highly piqued.

There are simple things which can disgruntle a customer and completely destroy their first-time experience at a restaurant. It's always the little things which restaurant owners miss out on or pay little attention to and end up with a...

So back to how we drove 35 minutes to Ako Adjei to experience cubanos at Little Havana Afro-Latino Cuban Cantina.

So here I was with one swiss chard plant. It had grown quite large and very healthy. It was such an easy vegetable to grow and needed very little attention

The 2nd International Wine Festival and Trade Show (IWFTS) by VinAfrica under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Ghana held a press conference with invited bloggers, business persons and press to highlight the upcoming key trade, food and wine events.

A step into Azmera Restaurant instantly creates the impression of fine relaxed dining with an initial delightful surprise at it's refreshing interiors . The award-winning restaurant has undergone subtle yet noticeable revamping of it's interiors to one of modern-rustic chic details.

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