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Thrift stores on Instagram are all the rage! There are more than 20 Ghanaian thrift stores selling affordable fashion pieces which is much needed in this economy. These shops are  making quite a bundle from scouring Accra Central for...
It was an absolute fun day shooting this YouTube video with my friend and fellow blogger and YouTuber on how personal style affects your brand.
It's 2018 and once again the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards was a glitzy ground for celebrities, award-nominees and some fans to wear their riskiest designer wear to become the talk of town or generate some likes on Instagram.

Headwraps are life savers. To think that we used to see it as old school or kolo to wear headwraps also called Duku in Ga. Headwraps are here to stay and wearing it in different trendy styles whether on your straight or natural hair or braids will keep boredom away. 

The Retro Fab Fashion Weekend is finally here from the 4th to the 6th of December.  Activities for this year’s event include the Retro Fab Fashion Night (Fashion Show) at Lifestyle Gallery, Spintex Road on Friday 4th December, followed by an after-party at the BEDOUIN LOUNGE, Lizzy Sports Complex, East Legon.

 Retro Fab Fashion Weekend is a 3-day fashion, beauty and lifestyle event. The first night is the fashion show 'Retro Fab Fashion Night' where we work with boutiques/brands and have STYLISTS style the pieces for the runway. So mainly 'pret-a-porter' pieces on the runway.

  I am referring to the really exciting patterns which has about two or three contrasting colors. The ones I have seen aren’t that much to write about or even buy. They are boring due to the similar colors in use

 Shoes are also by the brand and with that rosette perched daintily on the edge it was totally irresistible! Soon to launch her new collection, Annesi by Annette Obeng Nsiah is one of today's rising Ghanaian fashion brands determined to give every woman her own sense of style. Style they say is timeless. And I am all for timeless fashion! 

One of the reasons I believe some women don't let their braids last (taking it out after two-three weeks is, boredom. They get bored and tired of having a braids bun all the time so the interest is lost soon. 

But wait a minute! Hollop, Hollop! With a simple scarf did you know you could literally change your look whilst in braids? Like you didn't already know! Whether it's African Print or any other fabric, a head scarf will save you from a bad hair day and any other day when your braids or hair just refuses to listen to you. 

The blue jeans shirt has come to stay. Whether long sleeves or three-quarters, this piece of clothing has pitched tent especially for African print lovers. Why? Because the shirt combines perfectly with any African print skirt any day, any time. Skirts ranging from pencil skirts, A-Line skirt, pleated skirts, long gypsy skirts etc all made using African print fabric look amazeballs when put together with a blue jeans shirt. 

It not only looks great with African print but also a great fashion savings clothing. One shirt to go with different African print skirts.