Lux, the beauty brand is taking major steps towards refocusing it’s messaging on beauty standards by shining more light on the inward abilities and drive of a woman instead of the outward appearance which has been portrayed on our screens over the years.

Lux is now communicating to every woman out there she is more within and she is more than the world can see outwardly. Β The Lux SuperGirl Empowerment Clinic held at the TomReik Hotel, was thus organised by the beauty brand in partnership with Miss Malaikaf Ghana to empower young women with dreams and visions with the necessary tools they need to be and do more.

I attended as a mentor speaking to the future women leaders and business owners on how to use social media as a personal branding tool whilst other seasoned mentors such as Renee Q and Anita Erskine also spoke on different aspects of personal branding to the event attendees.

Naa Oyoo Kumodzi



The event attendees also included Miss Malaika delegates who actively participated during the workshop with questions on personal development, personal branding and skills development.


Miss Malaika delegates

The LSG Empowerment Clinic, dubbed The Whole You, will equip young ladies, via our seasoned mentors, with tools that will help them navigate today’s world and show that they are more than just a beautiful face.

Other young women from surrounding tertiary institutions were also present to share their dreams of starting their own businesses in various industries.

It’s encouraging to have global beauty brands like Lux take the lead towards women empowerment through such empowerment clinics and workshops. The highlight and focus of beauty brands should be on a woman’s abilities and strengths not on her outward appearance which is here and gone next.