Freelancers are always on the lookout for business opportunities and if you are a creative freelancer you should be doing the same especially if you recently quit your 9-5 to be your own man/woman.


One of the many ways to finding new business opportunities is to improve on your brand visibility as a freelancer and not just to rely on word-of-mouth referrals – it’s not enough to do just that. How can you do this you ask?

  1. Research 

It’s not as boring as it may seem but you need to simply ask your prospective clients what they may be looking for in a service provider ( the services you are providing ), what they look out for before hiring a freelancer, what their deal breaker is, previous works they have done with other freelancers and why they chose those freelancers. This research will give you a massive amount of information on how to position yourself, define your brand offerings & services to suit the market. That way you are not walking blind in a growing freelancer industry.

2. Competitor Watch

What gap can you identify amongst your competitors? That gap is an opportunity for you to fill, define and be distinctive in the market. You need a distinctive brand as a freelancer offering what no-one else is.

3. Get Your Act Together On Social Media

Like it or not, social media is here to stay despite what the markets may say about Twitter dying or Facebook not being useful anymore. Use the power of social media to project your work and your values. LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are powerful social networks to use to be more visible. Update your bio everywhere to showcase the services you have to offer, let your content be a reflection of your work as a freelancer whilst also sharing your life’s journey. Engage with other freelancers to increase your brand visibility. This will not only boost your visibility but also builds networking opportunities thus leading to sales leads. Your Facebook page is also a platform to use to not sell but share your values as a freelancer, join freelancer groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where your potential clients reside and engage with posts which have business potential.

4. Create a professional blog. 

Creating a blog is easy, sustaining it with great content is another matter but ultimately, having a professional blog is a fantastic way to get eyes on what you do. Use keywords optimisation to rank higher on Google searches conducted by your clients. Collaborate with other bloggers by offering to guest post on their blog, this will bring fresh eyes to your work.

5. List your services 

There are many websites to create a freelancer profile to showcase your work & attract potential clients. Many of these websites collect commissions from work which you get contracted on thereby reducing the amount you should actually be earning. If you are looking for something different from the others out there, then check out– a services discovery network which helps you earn 100%  of what you make. It’s a Ghanaian-based company set up to help service buyers find  top-of-the-line service providers in digital marketing, blogging, photography, web design, hairstyling, massage services, graphic design, videography, etc. That could be you if you are still reading this :-). The platform is currently free to sign up on if you are a service provider or a service buyer.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.53.36 PM

Service buyers are free to search from the list of carefully vetted and selected service providers. Each service provider has a social profile (profile & cover photo), service description field and price of service.  The website increases your visibility through in-built targeted SEO features which exposes your work to nearby customers using the Discover filter.

6. Be Consistent

Your work as a freelancer must be consistent across every platform you have signed up on. This makes your work easily identifiable and strengthens brand trust & loyalty. Have the same messaging everywhere. Your logo and slogan must be the same everywhere to avoid confusing your clients. Keep your messaging simple!

Growing your brand takes time like everything else and a lot of work! You need to continuously be putting yourself out there as a freelancer. Referrals are great but definite actions to boost your brand are much more rewarding and superior.

Are you a freelancer? What specific actions are you taking to boost your brand visibility?