Former President John Dramani Mahama’s announcement to run in 2020 is possibly the most unexpected political news of 2018 after Otiko’s abrupt ministerial removal as Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister. Unexpected because we all expected him to enjoy his plunder on the quiet and be a form of influence to the present government to actually complete projects commissioned during his term. But no, he wants to come back because according to him, Ghanaians and members of NDC are encouraging him to do so to rescue us from our cries.

After his announcement, several Ghanaians took to social media to express their opinion

Meanwhile on Facebook;

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Personally, I am quite disappointed with this move by the Former President after his rather disappointing term riddled with atrocious and ludicrous government expenditure and a ministerial team which took Ghanaians for fools. I am not sure who’s advising His Excellency, but please Mahama isn’t what Ghana needs today or tomorrow. He came to deceive us with his ‘ iPad’ Presidential address giving us hope that at least this was a leader who was tech-savvy and ‘young’ and might possibly project some newness into our country, so we weren’t too sad about his win. Little did we know the noxious corruption which was about to follow his leadership. I may be disappointed about how the economy is at the moment but Mahama again?



I don’t know about you but I would want to know what your thoughts are regarding his announcement. Do share in the comments below.