There are many things that can come and challenge even the most confident of persons. It can be anything. A job loss, relationship breakup, a death in the family, exam failure, health issues, missed business opportunity, you name it. Life has a ‘funny’ way of handing out lemons, I think it’s more of a lemon-throwing life now. No more handing out lemons.

Like you, I have had my moments of having my bubble burst into a thousand watery droplets and in those moments I have often said to myself, ‘I am not enough’ and sank into dark periods of insecurity and self-doubt. I think 2017 and the early parts of 2018 were the darkest nights I had encountered in my thirty-something life. In those moments, I have prayed, spoken out words to encourage and affirm myself which unfailingly have lifted me out of the darkness of low self-esteem.  I hope these positive affirmations many of which are Bible inspired will give you that confidence boost you need right now.

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and speak these words out loud for your ears and heart to hear and believe wholeheartedly.
  • Write them down in a little book and meditate on them throughout the day if even for 1 minute.

i am accepted

Has anyone ever rejected you? Maybe it was a relationship breakup your ex spoke words to you which makes you feel rejected and dejected. Remember that you are ACCEPTED by God and nothing can change that. Irrespective of how you have been described and teased, you are just perfect in God’s eyes.

i am accepted-2

You are specially chosen to do incredible things in this world. You are useful to God and to man. Let no-one make you believe you aren’t useful. You have an amazing destiny and a special purpose and you have been chosen to live up to that destiny.

i am accepted-3

Do you feel like you aren’t fruitful in your endeavours? I have been there. But speaking these words into your life will be a door opening into your life, opportunities to perfect your skill & expertise and connecting to the right business partners.

i am accepted-7

Do you ever feel like your friend’s negative attitude is rubbing off on you? Are you tired of dream killers who shoot down every idea you have? Tell yourself you are meeting the right people and the right connectors. You will meet them!

i am accepted-8

Believe in what you do. Stop comparing other people’s work to your own because you will never find satisfaction in your output.

i am accepted-6

Tell yourself you are ready for new experiences. New experiences open your mind to new possibilities and adventures, it’s a killer confidence booster!

i am accepted-5

Be a blessing to others. Through that you are opening up an outlet to pour out your blessings and share. Sharing they say is caring and as you share you will get back fulfilment and inner joy.

i am accepted-9

i am accepted-10

I hope these positive affirmations will build in you the confidence and positive self-esteem you need to keep pushing ahead. Never give up. Declare these words You will see a change in your life. Shalom!