The natural hair movement is here to stay and young women in the corporate world are not exempt from going natural despite the challenge of corporate world policies on natural hair maintenance for female staff. I had a chat with my friend and ‘sister from another mother’, Queenly Dzidzor Smith who works at one of the major banks in the city. She’s literally a queen, trust me. 

Queenly Smith

N.O – How long has it been since you decided to go natural?

Q.S- I had wanted to loc my hair right after secondary school but that didn’t happen and rather relaxed my hair 🤷🏽‍♀️. I finally started transitioning in the last quarter part of 2015 and had my big chop in February 2016 💃🏾. 

N.O- What was the turning point regarding this decision?

 Q.S- I had always wanted to have natural hair. I had beautiful relaxed hair, I wanted to find out how I’d fare  with my natural hair which is quite curly. 

N.O- How did your parents take it?

Q.S- My parents didn’t really have any opinion. They love my hair anyway it is!

curly hair in a cute bun

N.O – Did you feel different when you went natural? 

Q.S – Absolutely! I have never felt more beautiful 😍😍! Also I feel more in control of my hair and I’m able to monitor my growth better. 

N.O- How did your hair routine  change ?

Q.S – Well I completely cut out salon visits except for when I had to do braids/weaves. I went from using just any ordinary shampoo to using sulphate-free shampoo. I learnt to deep condition my hair, moisturize and seal my ends. I tried different routines till I found what works best for my hair type. 

N.O – What’s your biggest challenge maintaining your natural hair? How are you overcoming it?

Q.S – My biggest challenge is being consistent at keeping my hair very moisturized in this kind of weather. I’m taking the Leave-in Cream & Oils method more seriously now. 

N.O – Is there a work policy around natural hair in your workplace?

Q.S – Unfortunately yes! I’m not allowed wash and gos, any form of braid out or twist out. So I usually do sleek buns or updos to work when I don’t have braids installed. 

N.O – What is your favorite natural hair product at the moment? 

Q.S -My favourite natural hair product at the moment will be the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker. On the weekends, I use it to enhance my natural curl patterns for wash and gos. I smeeellss soo goooood and keeps my hair moisturised.

N.O – If you were to change one thing about your hair texture what would it be ?

Q.S – Ermm I love everything about my hair, texture, curl pattern, colour, etc. I wouldn’t change anything. 

N.O – If your hair had a personality how would you describe it?



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#MyKpenkpeshie is the story of the African woman who has decided to go back to her natural hair after years of relaxing her coils and kinks. Her journey, pain points, overcoming hurdles and enjoying her ‘kpenkpeshie’ for herself.