It’s been almost a month since Instagram blew us all away with their YouTube terminator/predator competitor; IGTV. After the launch, there was numerous online questions and doomsday prophecies about it’s impact on YouTube and SnapChat. Who dies first? Methinks *coughs..coughs* SC  🤫.

Instagram TV (IGTV) is where you should be focused on if you have been consistently creating content and need that extra-boost in connecting on a deeper level with your followers. The long-form vertical video feature is in-built in Instagram and also comes as a separate free app available on Android and iOS. What are my thoughts so far about IGTV? Amazeballs! The days spent in trimming one video to get that 1-minute are over! Over you hear me?!? Now you and I get 10 whole minutes of quality engaging videos to put up or up to an hour if you are kuul peeps like King Bach. Anyone on instagram can be a creator having their own different channels just like traditional TV but way more cooler.

Have you not figured out how to get the best of IGTV yet? Or have you wondered how you can boost your followers through your various channels ? Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on setting up your IGTV on mobile and tips on using it to get more followers!


Write out your IGTV content strategy.

The one who fails to plan, plans to fail so don’t be like that guy. What kind of content do you want to show on your IGTV ? Whatever you decide make sure at least one or two of your channels aligns with content your audience already love you for and use IGTV as an extension of delivering so much more. The content strategy should include not just the type of content but also a schedule of posting times so as to be consistent with posting times. Check out these editorial calendar templates on Hootsuite. Whether it’s longer recipe videos, a slideshow of your holiday vacation, comedy skits, DIY or last Sunday’s sermon, write out your content strategy before launching your IGTV.

 Create Your Channel 

Now you have your content strategy planned out, you have shot some sweet videos which are ready for uploading to your first IGTV channel. FYI 👉🏽 video uploads are only available on mobile. You cannot record a video in IGTV but you rather choose externally recorded videos to the app. Download the IGTV app or open IGTV in the Instagram app by clicking on the in-app icon from the top right corner in the home feed. If you are using the separate IGTV app give the app access to your Instagram account by logging in to your preferred account.

Click on your minuscule profile photo to open up the upload feature. Tap on the plus (+) sign which opens up your camera roll and the recently uploaded or edited video. Videos must be shot in portrait mode although some accounts are uploading horizontal videos.

Choose the video you want to upload.


Enter The Title

The title of the video must be short and attention-driven. Your followers get notified about the latest upload at the top of their homepage in a bright reddish-orange highlight. You have about 20-25 characters for your video title so remember to keep it simple and catchy from the start.


Describe the video in the Description field using keywords and specific, engaging words to get your followers to watch more. Once you publish your video, you can’t edit your video description in the mobile version of IGTV, so make sure it’s got all necessary information before hitting ” Post”. The desktop version however gives you the ability to edit both the video title and description.

Upload a separate image to use for your cover photo. Create a cover image using Canva using the Pinterest or Snapchat template.


Happy with the results? Tap on Post to publish the video. Your followers will notice the  IGTV icon in the highlights section on mobile. A tap on your IGTV shows them the new video as well as any existing old channels. In the IGTV app, Instagram will auto-share your video to your already existing followers under the Following tab and if it’s quite popular it would definitely fall under the Popular tab.

Engage Your Audience

Your followers can comment on your IGTV content and just like you do on your Instagram feed, respond and engage with them on your channel.

Boosting IGTV Views & IG Followers Tips :

  1. To get more video views, go live on Instagram to inform your followers of the new video upload and talk more about what inspired it and what they should expect from it.
  2. Create an IG story about the new video upload and ask followers their feedback of the new content using the Questions feature in the Stickers page.
  3. Get the link to the video by clicking on the three dots at the bottom section of the video.  This gives you the option to copy the link to the video or view insights. IMG_6494

4. Add the link of the new video in the website section of your bio and inform followers in your captions to go there to watch it.

5. Tweet out the link to the new video to your followers on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and in your blog i.e if you are keeping one. Your blog audience will be captivated to follow you on Instagram as well.

6. Create an Instagram Group for your IGTV channel and share your content to your community.

Instagram truly caught us all unawares with this Godzilla update and we are super thankful. Instagram Music is soon to be everywhere and you will get the chance to add any music to your IG Stories! I am prophesying an Instagram Audio feature whereby users can upload photos or slideshows and record their voices in the app instead of a third-party application.

Have you used IGTV yet? What are your thoughts about it? Are you stumped on what kind of creative video content to put on your IGTV? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below.