Yelo Peppe is not only a must-watch drama series because of the stellar production but majorly for the rich content surrounding the culture of food with highlights around the numerous challenges that modern African women face when finding balance between providing nutritious and healthy food for their family and the demands of a modern life.

The recently launched drama series by Nestle Maggi is currently available on the MAGGI® YouTube channel with the objective of capturing and connecting with the modern consumer who is increasingly active on Social Media, affirming the fact that healthy cooking can be exciting without having to compromise on taste.

The weekly programme will also offer viewers extra content such as beloved African recipes dressed with a health twist, lifestyles discussions and nutrition tips created in collaboration with some of the best regional food influencers and Nestlé Nutritionists.

The premiere of the drama series took place at the Fiesta Royale Hotel and was attended by food bloggers, TV personalities, media and other stakeholders.


Ghanaian TV personality, Anita Erskine features in the series as Anna and guests at the launch were pleasantly surprised to learn it was her first acting gig. She acknowledged her role being possible by the series director Shirley Frimpong-Manso.

The other African actresses are Fatou Jupiter Toure from Senegal who stars as Fatima;


Aurelie Eliam an Ivorian actress plays the robust and no nonsense boss lady with a penchant for healthy and trending organic superfoods *think quinoa*.


Celine Victoria Fotso wonderfully plays the role of Marie the wife of a husband who wants his African wife to try and cook at home more often;


Nigerian actress & creative Ade Laoye plays Mina a wanna-be food blogger going against her mother’s wishes to be a lawyer.


Dominique Allier, Business Executive Officer for Culinary at Nestlé Central & West Africa, said: “MAGGI® is committed to promote healthy homemade cooking with local and familiar ingredients.  We want to connect with more than 10 million people on the importance of eating a nutritious diet, adopting healthy lifestyles and maintaining a sense of wellbeing.”

The series illustrates how MAGGI® is contributing to Nestlé’s purpose of “enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future”. Nestlé is committed to enable healthier and happier lives by offering tastier and healthier choices, inspiring people to lead healthier lives and building, sharing and applying nutrition knowledge.

Yelo Peppè is also a concrete expression of the four MAGGI® ‘Simply Good’ commitments announced in 2017:

• To use more familiar and common ingredients;

• To improve the nutritional profile of its products, working on salt and sodium reduction, in addition to the fortification in iron;

• To create more value for the society and the community by increasing local sourcing and contributing to the local economy;

• To raise awareness and contribute to nutrition education about healthy lifestyles, cooking and diets.

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