There are more than 3 million Ghanaians on Facebook. Out of that number less than a million are aware of how to manage their profile pages with respect to security and privacy.

Unsuspecting Ghanaians have been duped by identity thieves on Facebook into doling out large amounts of money. Sometimes as a user you find yourself being tagged in all kinds of photos which are totally unrelated to you in any way or form and you just can’t figure out how that’s happening.

Some parents in Ghana are also lacking the social media skills when it comes to protecting their children’s online activities on social media, the kids are even more conversant with most of these platforms but what are they being exposed to?

Students post content which can directly impact negatively on their future career prospects as more HR agencies and employers browse through the social profiles of applicants as a psychological assessment.

Brands with social media presence are having quite a hard time catching up with the latest of social media updates which keep scaling up every other week/month. As an organisation are your employees social media empowered to be your brand advocates? How can your employees tap into the power of social media to increase your reach as a brand?

ThinkSocial is a social media education video series which focuses on bridging this knowledge gap through weekly tutorial videos in an easy to consume and practical format. I decided to create these videos on realising the huge chasm which existed amongst adults within the 24-40 years demography. It’s also to help brands increase their reach using available social media tools to build user engagement

The series is in it’s second week and can be viewed on my Facebook page .

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