Just when you think you have seen all the makeup artists there are in Ghana then one Instagram account shows you that makeup can go beyond just the everyday, bridal and celebrity glam squad makeup. One such Instagram makeup artist account is SlayByTrey who’s special effects makeup is creating quite a horrific impression on her followers. There are a few special effects IG accounts in Ghana but none impresses like SlayByTrey.

SlayByTrey creates zombie like makeup effects in a most gruesome way which is sure to generate cold fear in the spine of any watching audience.

Although she’s very adept at bridal and general glam and subtle makeup, it seems as though the blood and gore of special effects makeup has a strong call on her as well.


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Trecy Daisy, the MUA at SlayByTrey also offers special effects courses to private individuals and organisations and it seems even her students can’t seem to have enough of her highly specific detailed handiwork.

The rotten palm

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Are you terrified yet? What of this?


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Or this ?

The Ghanaian movie industry would get a major boost for their African magic movie productions with these realistic wounds and gory decay. No CGI effects either!


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