Friday 8th June will forever be embedded in my heart as the day, the world of food lost a gifted son by the name of Anthony Bourdain. I am completely grief-stricken at the news which was broken by CNN  where he worked as the host of the food & travel show “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”. The celebrity chef, author, food storyteller and television personality died of an apparent suicide. The world is still reeling from Kate Spade’s suicide this week and now this loss.

Anthony Bourdain source: adweek

Thanks to Netflix I got ‘acquainted’ to Anthony’s food documentaries and travel shows about a year ago and I was hooked! His style of telling food stories was so captivating, no-beat-around-the-bush, witty and unique in every aspect! I dogged his footsteps on ‘Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations’ to ‘Anthony Bourdain: The Layover’ as he highlighted the less covered under-appreciated restaurants and street food stalls in various countries. His style of speaking to the locals was honest, friendly, curious which led to them opening up to him.

I dreamed of meeting Anthony Bourdain one day in Ghana especially seeing that he had gone to Nigeria to cover ” Parts Unknown” and had missed proper Ghana Jollof during his return trip. How did he not hear of our Jollof?

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I sat in my living room day-dreaming of taking him to Jamestown to finger-eat Domedo and freshly fried Ant3de fish with shitoloo.

His description of food was matter-of-factly yet with so much passion which made you want to immediately pack up a bag and fly to Thailand or wherever he travelled to.

I remember a scene in The Layover where he stopped at Taipei for 24hours and took a short visit to a dumplings shop. He swore it was the best dumplings in the world and described succinctly the process by which chilled broth was placed in the dumplings before being steamed. His words will draw out anticipatory saliva from places you never thought possible.

Anthony Bourdain has written several food and travel books and has received several awards which also includes the Peabody Award for his show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown in 2013. What stories he could tell! How he wove the human condition together with origins of culture and food was true and brutally honest.

Several celebrities took to Twitter to express their grief and also to remind others about the realness of depression.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay had this to say;

The world of food will miss a great mind like his.  Condolences and comfort to his daughter and entire family! He will be sorely missed! 😭😭

*UPDATE : Anthony Bourdain has actually been to Ghana and we were the first country he chose for visiting sub-saharan Africa! Whoop! Here’s the full video of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations in Ghana.


Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Ghana from Joseph Teye-Kofi on Vimeo.