One of the cons of living in the outskirts of Accra is the daily struggle of driving on terrible potholed shaft-breaking roads before reaching a major tarred road leading into the city.

Before getting married I lived in Nyaniba Estates where I enjoyed the luxury of well-tarred roads from the house into the city. The occasional pot-hole could easily be swerved with very little effort. Then I got married and moved to Frafraha a suburb in Adentan municipality which has untarred roads from the main Dodowa road into the suburban neighbourhoods. There was only one road which the previous government hurriedly came to tar because Mahama was to commission a school in the vicinity and today the road is a reflection of the kind of leadership we had back then.

Then we moved again to East Legon Hills which is after Nmai Dzornn. To get home we either use the AshaleBotwe road from Lakeside towards School Junction or turn left from Adjirigano road unto the Zoomlion road leading to School Junction. Every single time I drive on the Zoomlion road towards School Junction I become a totally different woman. I instantly transform into a low-swearing, teeth-gritting driver with nerves on razor edge. The pot-holes on that road are unavoidable which meant slowing down completely to enter the hole and pray nothing snaps or breaks apart. How my Yaris has suffered!
I don’t understand how the MCE of Adenta from the previous government sat by and watch this road deteriorate to this extent which often made me wonder if he drove on it as well in his V8 or if he flew across the expanse of the road to his meetings in a super drone.IMG_3265

Somewhere last year, Bernard Avle and I called together various estate leaders in East Legon Hills and around Adjirigano to pay the Director of the Urban Roads a citizen visit. We had to know what was being done about our road. We were assured that early January, work would begin on the road with an initial construction of gutters and then a dual carriage-way road. Thankfully work has began in earnest to complete the road as assured.

But our woes aren’t over. There’s the East Legon tunnel which was initially a cow pass but had to make way for East Legon and other residential drivers to use as an exit road to access the Spintex and recently the Burma Camp back road towards Osu and Labadi. This tunnel is a bottleneck which serves two lanes of traffic which take turns to enter or exit the tunnel. One group is exiting from East Legon whilst the other is entering from Spintex and other areas. The traffic has been managed by some young men who collect ‘tips’ from drivers and in high season such as Christmas can decide to let one lane move for a longer period of time depending on who is paying more. It’s absolutely insane! Last Christmas we spent 45 mins trying to get into the tunnel only to discover that one lane was paying more than the other so were enjoying a longer free pass. Kmt.

Thankfully a second tunnel has been dug next to this existing pinhole and work has been pretty fast over the past three months.

East Legon Tunnel Under Construction
East Legon Tunnel Under Construction

Once that tunnel is complete, I know everyone will heave a huge sigh of relief. The other end of this tunnel leads to the Spintex road towards Palace Mall. As at yesterday 15th April, 2018 it’s undergoing road tarring.



We are too excited for this road mehn!

There’s also an overpass being constructed from Flower Pot Junction roundabout which we hear will connect to the motorway and a part of East Legon. That project though is on a slower pace which must mean some contractor somewhere is being owed money.

These two road construction projects are long overdue. Poor urban planning has placed this headache on citizens who don’t own V8 to jump traffic congestions. It can take as much as an hour and half to get through the East Legon tunnel and also through Emmanuel Eye Clinic to connect with the Tetteh Quarshie road towards the main city centre.

Currently i bear the pain of the Zoomlion road in painful strides as I look forward to the road’s completion and with the strong hope that it will be in an excellent condition for the next 5 plus years. As citizens let us hold our MCE’s accountable and demand answers from leaders in power so they don’t sit idle and take unnecessary trips to the West & Europe and squander state money.

Find out who your MCE is, come together as a community and invite him to your meetings and raise your concerns so they don’t sit complacent in their offices.

Our country is ours and anyone who takes a step forward to be a leader should be held accountable for resources placed at their disposable in making our lives better as Ghanaians.