I just don’t know how else to explain what happened. I mean, he had to be high to think it was okay to do this to my head.

the horror

All I asked for was slight fade at the sides and a trim and this barber whom my husband had been getting quite cool haircuts from decided to go gun-blazing on my head with his clippers. The moment he shaved the side with the clippers I knew something was wrong.

The clippers had done a deeper shave than necessary! I freaked out! I touched my scalp and felt scalped! I was like my guy! Which one is this? He was unperturbed and said it was the fade. πŸ˜’

I tried to remain calm and was surprised when he said he was done. He hadn’t even worked on the right side and when I asked he said, ‘Ah but I didn’t tell him!’ I raised one hairy eyebrow. Then he proceeded to shave that side too.

The back of my head he used a scissors to lightly trim and left it at that making the back of my Β head look like bush sticking out of a dry desert. I almost wept when he started brushing my head off and saying he was done. Kwer mor!


a dry bush in a desert

It wasn’t my best day at all. I was not going to shout because Spiritual Emphasis so I paid 10cedis and walked out. Thankfully it was almost dark so it wasn’t very noticeable.

I had earlier gone to Auntie Alice to get the faux sister locks braids to get the mowhawk style.

The next day I quietly went to our new barber at Davies Place in East Legon and asked King to do his magic to this nightmare. I have less hair but I am at peace now πŸ˜…πŸ€£.

That’s the backstory to how I now have shaved sides instead of a neat tapered look that I was gunning for which I would have finger twisted.



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It’s taking some getting used to but I love it all the same. Here’s to versatility!


  1. Hahahaha this is so funny, that barber must have been really high. How can he even do this to your hair….. Severe case of what I wanted vs what I got, thank God the other barber could do something to it. It looks good!

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