Alajo is one of those areas which you might never drive to if you don’t have any specific dealings in that locality. But if it happens that you need to buy a bicycle because of your New Year resolutions to be part of the fitfam movement then it will be your first destination. Or if you ever want to enter the fast growing courier/deliver service industry then Alajo will be your best place to look for motorbikes and bike accessories.

I have always driven by Alajo when heading towards Tesano from Circle or headed towards Adabraka from Circle but never stopped by because I wasn’t in the market for a two-wheeler. Not until a month ago when we had the idea to procure a bike to use as a product delivery motor vehicle. I had to know what the going market rates for a motorcycle were, how to get the various accessories and the necessary documentation.

So off I drove to Alajo one Saturday morning when the traffic flow was easier from East Legon towards the Achimota overpass and then towards Alajo. It was almost impossible to find somewhere to park. It’s easier to turn right at the traffic light which turns into Industrial Area and find available parking close by or to beg a store owner to allow you park in-front of their storefront.

I parked behind the buildings by the main road thanks to directions kindly offered by some local residents in the area. It was a bit scary because it was literally next to the biggest culvert I have ever been close to.  The expanse of the rubbish choked culvert spanned several kilometres into the distance.

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The culvert had a concrete bridge across it and I slowly crossed it whilst crossing my heart and made it safely to the other side which was a bypass through makeshift shops and slums to the main road. Several makeshift motorbike machinists were firing up quite dangerously diy furnaces to fix damaged tyres.

The main road appeared right in front of me after a 2 minute walk from the back road. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many bikes once you reach the main road. There are all kinds of motorbike and bicycle brands lined up on the pavement. The bike vendors looked at me probably wondering what a woman was doing asking about the price of a Honda bike and only one of them walked up to me to ask if I was interested. It’s a bike haven which you can stroll through to choose which one you are most pleased with.




The child in me beamed at the tricycles and colourful BMX bicycles lined up on the pavement reminding me of my time spent riding on the streets of Mamprobi and on the Salvation Army football park. I remember my first fall too, got that scar till today. Sweet memories.

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Bicycles parked along the pavement at Alajo

Industrial area which is five minutes from Alajo also has several motorbike dealers such as Royal Motors and I passed through to also compare their rates.

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Royal Motors

The bike hub is also made up several shops which sell only accessories such as bike gloves, helmets, tyres, protective wear for riders, etc. I was directed to another shop which sold Chinese motorbike brands which are more popular amongst courier service companies

Whatever motorbike you are looking for, plan a budget of GHC2,200- GHC 5,000. At the end of my window shopping I had deeper insights in what to look for when buying a motorbike in Alajo. That will be a great post for another day.

Have you bought a motorbike in Alajo before? What was your experience? Do share in the comments below.