Moesha Boduong is having all of every Ghanaian’s attention after her statements during a CNN documentary interview with bomb-swerving, conflict fearless Christiane Amanpour. The documentary which according to very good sources was originally a women’s empowerment documentary and was changed to sex and love perceptions in various countries because sex sells 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️.

Here’s a snippet of what’s causing the kerfuffle

This has gotten Ghanaians riled up about why she has generalised her statement because it’s not every Ghanaian woman who sells her body ( basically prostitution) to make it in this economy.

In my opinion it’s her opinion which she stated quite bluntly and her lifestyle choice of fending for herself in this economy. It’s also a choice many MEN and WOMEN have chosen to do in the quite and the dark of the background of life. I know a few but I also know hardworking women like myself and many others who don’t subscribe to exchanging sex for a favour ie a job, school grades, business contract etc.

Did Moesha speak for Ghana in her statement? If it’s happening in Ghana, can we all admit that it’s happening and speak more about how to empower young women and men to build their knowledge and skills towards being qualified for the right job? Can we speak against men who insist on a young woman giving him sexual favours before she gets her promotion? Can we name and shame such men?

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson took to Twitter to express her opinion and solution on the matter.

And as usual, her tweet was misconstrued as an endorsement of Moesha’s remark

So is it that people don’t read or understand deep thinking tweets? Or we are just not interested in solutions?

In a now deleted Instagram post, Moesha posted her thanks to God and how she’s made it!


It’s time we realised that CNN and other media houses, Ghana included will look for content and craft the headline content in order to get traffic and views. Christiane Amanpour was looking for sensationalism and she got it.

Meanwhile on Facebook, more reactions are coming in.

I am very positive that Christiane Amanpour is aware of hardworking Ghanaian women who work with integrity and honesty without having to consort to giving away her body for a career boost or education upgrade. But that’s not scandalous enough. I mean really, I am even there! 🤣

Are Ghanaians hypocritical or what? Like we didnt know this was happening till this interview came out? Or because it’s on CNN and suddenly we all look bad. So what are we going to do about changing this narrative ourselves? Or will this be another topic to trend for a week till the next shocking occurrence?

What however worries me is the impact of an influential woman like Moesha’s words on young women out there who will be influenced by her ‘reality’. As a young woman starting my career I never slept with a married man or any man to provide my everyday needs. Call it privilege if you want but even though my mother paid my fees and school supplies I still hustled to make extra money to reduce the burden on my mother. I would sell off-season clothes in my dorm, go to Kantamanto to get thrift items to sell and even got a Nokia phone and run Space-to-Space from my room. I have roomies who can testify to that and I passed through University lecturer-sex-free too! Hardwork pays!

What do you have to say about this interview by the way?