Au Grand Ecuyer is a French West African restaurant is Osu with a delectable selection of West African French cuisine with very minimal attention paid to decor. Nestled between HoneySuckle Pub in Osu and a clothing boutique, this restaurant is easy to simply walk by without a second thought or consideration.  It’s a no fuss kind of restaurant which reminds me very much of an 80’s inspired exterior design for residential houses; large stone tiling, sturdy basic wooden furniture with large potted plants surrounding the balcony.


Although the menu covers most French West African cuisines the most popular menu items are the Attieke and the Riz Gras.

What makes Attieke from Au Grand Ecuyer the best amongst the rest is not just in the freshness of the steamed cassava granules but actually all the magic is in the fish! The Tilapia is so juicy and succulent and comes served with a simple but delicious sautéed tomato and onion sauce garnishing the well baked body of the Tilapia. The attieke is perfectly moist and not too dry thus creating an enveloping yet gentle embrace of both the baked fish and cassava granules. Attieke is never complete without perfectly deep-fried slightly crunchy Alloco ( also called dodo in Nigeria and kelewele in Ghana) and the many times I have eaten at Au Grand Ecuyer I have never been disappointed about the consistent taste of not only the alloco but also the Tilapia. Every single time!


The Riz Gras is also a diva on it’s own with one serving sufficient for two or three people to share.  It’s a mini-mountain of Jollof mixed with vegetables and assorted meats. It’s hard to come out alive after one plate of Riz Gras, the contender is sure to collapse for that sole attempt at victory. Other French cuisine such as sauteed potatoes with lobster or fish is a favourite amongst expats and not to sound too gushy, the sauteed potatoes are unlike any other. It has a slight crunch on the outside with a perfectly cooked divinely soft well-cooked inside and the garlic and parsley isn’t overwhelming either.


Au Grand Ecuyer sometimes reminds me of Paris and the long wait for an a la carte order. There’s no rushing here. Time literally stands still for you to enjoy conversation with your dinner partner or stare out at the Ring Road traffic and contemplate the meaning of life if on your own. There’s a long wait for food to appear. It’s usually best to call ahead before arriving at the restaurant in case you are in a bit of a rush. The waiters are actually my favourite. They are nimble and quick to clear dishes and very forthright at relaying your wait time. No beating around the bush with these guys.

A dinner for two will cost between GHC 120 and GHC 140 depending on what you order including drinks and considering the quality of food served this is a real value for money. It’s a laid-back restaurant to have small family dinners who love big portions.


Find Au Grand Ecuyer here


The Kumodzi Restaurant Rating Guide: 

* ⭐️ is a restaurant which is spotless, very affordable, basic amenities in place, food is just okay, service is average.

*⭐️⭐️ – Above average hygiene conditions, polite and reliable service, staff are responsive, basic amenities, food is exciting and tasty with wider variety, affordable, mobile money payment options, family and group friendly.

*⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Worth driving to and trying everything on the menu. Reliable and responsive service from staff, family and group friendly environment, online payment options available, parking services, easy access to location.

*⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- Exceptional and well presented food, outstanding and flawless service from staff, executive space for VIP services, seamless online payment options.

*⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Flawless and outstanding food and service offerings. Diner focused and awareness of allergies and wine preferences. Menu offers vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian offerings. IMG_1620