The current spot occupied by Polositas used to be an art gallery & photography studio. I remember it so well because I took my first professional portrait there as well as a few with my ex. The studio didn’t last like my ex. But lo & behold, a brand new restaurant has replaced it and it’s standing fresh and proud amidst the busyness of human life walking to & fro at Danquah Circle.

Polositas, is easy to spot in its grey exterior highlighted with red details and a little on your left just before Glory Oil and a few seconds from Danquah Circle heading towards Labadi.

I was joined for lunch by a fellow blogger who couldn’t wait to sate his hunger. Opening at 12:30pm, the restaurant which opened in December 2017 was quiet with no rush lunch diners.

On entering Polositas, one gets the impression of being in a fast food restaurant which is exactly what is served for hungry diners looking to grab n go. A few tables for the most impatient of diners are positioned before the order counter.   Since we were very patient diners we headed upstairs.

 A polo game giving a sports vibe A polo game giving a sports vibe

I love eating outside on sunny days whilst lounging on cloud-soft pillows and we eagerly went outside only for the gutsy wind eagerly blow some speck of dust in my eye. Indoor it is then. A simple and minimalistic interior gives the top part of the restaurant a smart casual dining appeal with a well-stocked bar close to the stairs.

My long-island tea although not what I expected reminded me of having a Chapman drink. Unlike some restaurant menus which can leave bird seed on your brain with an over-the-top menu, Polositas has a simple food menu with lots of choice grills.

My buddy went full on with the pork pieces ( domedo) as a starter which were lean and apparently smoked. Smoked pork should be a thing by now. Who cares about how long it cooks?!? Herby and quite tasty it was and a must-try. Chewy and more floury samosas often found me grabbing more for the domedo.

There are very few continental restaurants in the city not listing Jollof on their menu. Many at times, I have had friends who would choose Jollof after several glances through a menu. Jollof never fails they would say. This Jollof which my buddy chose was not a failure neither was it a success. Single grains, perfect golden orangey colour but a tad too bland for the ordinary Ghanaian who loves their spice.

The almighty chukkers box was beyond my expectations and is a much recommended choice for larger groups of three or four. Grilled sausages, pork and lamb chops darkly glisten beneath the warmth of the indoor lighting. I was better off jumping into this meat pool with my two hands instead of the savage fork and knife. The lamb was tasty but more medium-rare than well done, sometimes I do medium-rare and other times well done with more moisture than dryness.

 Lamb & Pork Chops Lamb & Pork Chops

I was too stuffed for dessert but my next visit will see me ordering some slices of pound cake with a steaming espresso.

Just before we left, we discovered – hidden away in another corner of the ground floor- a kiddie space for feisty kids who want to squeal and jump around. Parents can have some us-time whilst the kids scream away their joy.

Polosita’s is great for large groups, private parties and the ilk. Large screens will make the day of any Manchester United fan as they chow down on steaks and chilled cocktails.

For a couple, best to budget GHC 150-200 if going out with your belle this Valentines Day, the patio is the perfect setting over a meal whilst enjoying the warm Accra breeze.


The Kumodzi Restaurant Rating Guide: 

* ⭐️ is a restaurant which is spotless, very affordable, basic amenities in place, food is just okay, service is average.

*⭐️⭐️ – Above average hygiene conditions, polite and reliable service, staff are responsive, basic amenities, food is exciting and tasty with wider variety, affordable, mobile money payment options, family and group friendly.

*⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Worth driving to and trying everything on the menu. Reliable and responsive service from staff, family and group friendly environment, online payment options available, parking services, easy access to location.

*⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- Exceptional and well presented food, outstanding and flawless service from staff, executive space for VIP services, seamless online payment options.

*⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Flawless and outstanding food and service offerings. Diner focused and awareness of allergies and wine preferences. Menu offers vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian offerings.