About two weeks ago, I received an email from YouTube to take me off their monetization plan as a YouTube Partner because I didn’t have 1000 subscribers. Saying I was crushed doesn’t even cut it. I mean, I was devastated! Creating content under slow internet conditions is not the easiest of tasks but some of us have prevailed through the years. 

Now we all know YouTube did this to us small channels who are creating highly engaging and useful content so that they can focus on the bigger channels. Why didn’t YouTube identify the impersonators, abusers and scammers and ban them instead of collating all of us into one big heap? No words right now. 

I need your help to drive up my subscription numbers to a 1000 before February 20. I am currently at 531. I know many of you ( especially you reading this) have benefitted from my blog content over the years and I haven’t asked for anything back. Isn’t it time you showed me some free love back by subscribing and sharing this post as wide as you can? Yes, it’s your time. 

Here’s my YouTube channel, please go through if you haven’t yet and subscribe to have more rich content to glean information from. 

This is a video I made of Alasa Toffee and if you are new to Ghanaian cuisine, this is an exquisite one! 

Thank you for subscribing! I appreciate you. God bless!