There’s absolutely nothing more transformative than greenery in a home. Even fake green plants attempt to add some level of green vibe to both indoors and outdoors environments. But they can’t get it right like these outdoor plants which you must absolutely fit in your budget for your home. Garden plants add on volume, rich texture and colour to your garden area making them perfect for instagram-worthy selfie backgrounds and quiet reading moments.


Also known as Elephant Ears or Dumb Cane is a perfect addition to your garden whether its potted or planted directly in the soil. If you have children, it’s best to keep this plant far from them as it’s poisonous when ingested. Best planted in the corner of the garden to add chic texture to the wall.


A very popular plant seen around many houses in the city, growing lush over walls, spilling glorious never-ending colour everywhere. Bougainvillea is not only an ideal garden plant because of its beauty, but it’s also drought tolerant which means less watering. The plant comes in different colours; red, white, orange and purple. Choose one which either contrasts or complements nicely with your exterior house colour.

 Bougainvillea Bougainvillea

Yucca Flaccida ‘Golden Sword’

Seen this ‘flaming’ plants around? The dramatic sword shaped leaves are hard to avoid and will pull every eye into your garden. It grows pretty high and has tiny thorns on the leaf edges. It’s also very easy to grow and drought tolerant.


Ferns are actually quite common in Ghana and finding a fern is as easy as stopping by the garden street vendors and grabbing a couple for your garden. If you are familiar with the East Legon Tunnel, you definitely haven’t missed seeing several potted plants and garden rocks as you drive towards Starbites. Ask for Boston ferns if you want to plant the ferns in a pot which will be placed on the garden wall. When taken care of, Boston ferns will make your house look like a million dollars.


Who’d ever think cactuses would be such an instagram-worthy, pinterest-divine item? Almost every blogger is taking photos with dear prickly cactus.

 Source: Pinterest Source: Pinterest

Cacti or Cactuses have been around for ages and have been ignored for far too long! It’s time for Amodi ( Ga word for Cactus) to rise up to it’s rightful place as king of the garden! But watch out for those thorns though! There are many varieties of cacti and to add magnificence and texure to your garden, find the variety which grows ( a very slow growth) to have majestic almost 7 ft high stalks. It’s very drought tolerant needing to be water once every two to three weeks. If you have bought a land and have plans to start building this year, strategically plant your cacti so by the time you are done building (2-5years) it will a majestic and fully-grown cactus.

 Source:  Pinterest  Source: Pinterest

Did these plants inspire you to go plant shopping? Which plant is your favourite and why? Do share your tips also for having a great garden full of heavenly plants in the comments section.