There are simple things which can disgruntle a customer and completely destroy their first-time experience at a restaurant. It’s always the little things which restaurant owners miss out on or pay little attention to and end up with a closed business within 5 years.

Little things like parking. Finding a decent parking spot at Capitol was a major struggle and should have been my first signal to go somewhere else. Ever tried reverse parking between two cars which have partially parked on both pavement and road whilst the front of your car is facing oncoming traffic? The food had better compensate for this struggle.

Little things like training staff to understand how a business works. We were greeted by uniformed lady and when I asked if breakfast was available she eagerly nodded. Imagine how crushed we were when our attending waitress informed as breakfast was over.  Why I did not pay attention to those red flags beat me. Why I did not immediately and delicately motion for my husband for us to head out the door, totally beats me.

I have driven by Capitol several times, it’s a preferred whenever I decide to use the Burma Camp back road to flower pot junction. The fancy & detailed wood panelling would call out to me every time and I would mentally mark it down as a must-visit restaurant.