Who knew I would ever get another big chop after 4 years since I transitioned from perm to natural hair. As you know I have been growing my hair over the years and the simply joy of seeing new length was always super exciting! I was learning new things about my hair month after month. I learnt not to be frustrated about shrinkage and love the rich density of my coils.

So what changed?

  • I needed a new look first of all. I loved the whole afro look and the different tuck-and-pin styles I could come up with but I was eager to change things up. That’s when I turned to Pinterest and my eyes got caught on short natural hairstyles. I was hooked. But could I? They looked sooo outrageously bold!  Especially the tapered mohawk styles. My friend Shari had also shorn her really long dreadlocs to my utter shock! But she looks super cute now. My heart fluttered with excitement. Could I really? This style was my inspiration ( my Pinspiration)

  • I felt my hair needed a reboot after the different styling experiences it had undergone this year; dyeing it red which came out blue and later turned golden brown, braiding about four times this year and using at least three different shampoo brands as well. My edges were getting tired. Let’s start afresh.

It took me about three months to actually take that step. I would casually pass comments to my husband to psyche him for my new look, ‘I want to cut my hair oh!’  He would also casually look at me and laugh, ‘cut it eh! But if it doesn’t grow back, I will laugh at you!’ ‘Yoo!’ came my response. I did the same to my Mom , psyching her to test the waters. She would burst out, ‘Don’t cut it!’ I would roll my eyes and laugh.

Last week, my husband said he was going to the barber. This was my moment! ‘Oh great! Let’s go together.’ It was almost comical. We were both going to get a haircut. I was going to the barber’s! Woot! This was going to be fun.

We went to Davies Place in East Legon. I waited about 30 minutes for the barber to finish cutting one customer and then my husband’s hair. So much time spent on their low-cut hair 😩. How much time was he going to spend on mine? About 35 minutes it turned out to be. I felt like the day I was going to SHS the first time when I got the big chop at New World Haircut. Remember that barbering salon?

Look at those edges 😫

The barber was very patient with my hair as he combed through and delicately cut through. I was super nervous and kept watching him the whole time 😅.

And then it was all over. I looked 16 😅 but I loved it! There was so much air passing around my ears! Shouldn’t I have kept my shorn hair and sold it ? Pure African Virgin Natural Hair 😂.

And there was the line ( aboi as we call it in Ga) which had to definitely make it’s mark 😁.

I know I can’t get the curly look like my Pinspiration but nothing a good old foam can’t solve. I am not about to texturize my hair just to get some curls in.

So the plan is to grow the mohawk and twist it out. My husband loves it and can’t stop running his hands over it and saying ‘now the small boys will be chasing me’  😆.

It’s so much easier washing my hair now and I can pay more attention to the new growth. I also sleep without a a scarf now which is like a relief!

So let me ask you. Would you consider getting a short natural hairstyle after growing your natural hair length? What would be your motivating factor to do so? Let’s have a chat in the comments below.


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