How does one begin a post like this without getting angry and not spitting out venom? It’s almost impossible but I will try. 

How does an 18yr-old adult man commit a horrendous abomination like raping a 4 year old girl and not get arrested for it? What drives such sick thoughts into a human mind to look at an innocent girl and decide to defile her to the point of she not being able to walk for three days? What kind of chief allows such a perpetrator to go scot-free with an explanation that the ‘gods’ found him innocent? I would very much like to question those gods to get a clearer picture. 

This is the sad and sickening true story of a 4Yr-old girl raped in a toilet facility by a twisted perv who the victim named as Kwabena. This morbidity occurred in a town called Assin Fosu in the Central Region of Ghana. Read the rest of the sad incident here

After reading the news about this traumatic stomach-churning ordeal. Leila Djansi, PepperDemMinistries and I have launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to support the victim’s reconstructive surgery. We have been hard at work in getting the necessary logistics in place to get her transferred to a hospital where the surgery can be performed. 

We need your financial help in every possible way to make this surgery possible for her. Please click here to make your kind donation. All proceeds will go towards the surgery and any surpluses will be given to her mother Madam Nyarko towards the victims general upkeep. 

This is your moment to rise to the occasion and give towards a humanitarian cause. If you have a daughter, just imagine how it would feel to be in the shoes of Madam Nyarko. Agonizing, right? This could have been your daughter, niece or little sister. Please let’s come together and do a social good. 

We also have Vodafone Cash mobile money service available via: 0207961973 ( account name is Valentina). 

Thank you for your kind donation. God blesses those who give so you are blessed! 

GoFundMe Campaign