Your walk down the aisle towards your awaiting groom must be a moment worth remembering for all of time! Whether it’s a ministration to be sung by the choir, a solo by your Kurt Carr wannabe friend or a selected song from Spotify, this song must be inspirational and song of great joy. My wedding aisle song was ‘I Found Love’ by Bebe Winans and what a befitting song it was! There are many songs to choose from. But what of Nigerian Gospel? As an African, I am ever proud of the quality of gospel music emanating out of Nigeria. 

  If you are planning your wedding, these are my top 5 Nigerian gospel songs to choose from for that beautiful lacy walk down the aisle.  


 ONISE IYANU by Nathaniel Bassey

WHY?: What better to song to walk down the aisle to which your heart can glorify God for all His mercies over the years and yet another day to sing of His praise? Just check out a few of the lyrics: 

My eyes have seen, my ears have heard
The wonders of Your grace
Creation bows in awe of You
And we join to give You praise
The words You speak turns things around
Your outstretched arm has lifted me
You took away the chains and cords
That held me bound

Even your guests will join in to give glory! Definitely a top spot! 


NO. 2

YOU ARE GREAT by Steve Crown

WHY?: Why not? Being in a relationship which survives the tests and trials of every relationship and works through it’s challenges to get to a day of marriage is worth praising God over. God is indeed great and it’s He only who deserves your praise as you walk down the aisle. The lyrics below sums it all up! 

Worship You today
Give You all the praise
As we lift our hands to You
With pleasure in our heart
Raise our voice to say
Everything written about You is great

Told you! Perfect song as well!



NO. 3


WHY? Sinach is a powerhouse woman full of the Holy Spirit and when she sings it seems as though all your problems are fleeing through the windows! But this song I Stand Amazed is a simple yet powerful worship song ( especially the refrain)  ” You do mighty things, you do glorious things, You’re a faithful God; awesome is your Name. “

Make sure you don’t cry as the song plays, your mascara won’t forgive you. 


NO. 4


” Everything has changed for me, everything has changed” goes the lyrics for this song by Onos a Nigerian gospel rockstar who has shared the stage with Israel Houghton and Fred Hammond. With several awards under her belt, Onos is taking Nigerian gospel to the world. This song for your graceful walk testifies of how everything has changed for you and as you enter into a new phase of life, you are trusting God to see you through. 

NO. 5

EZE NDI EZE by Frank Edwards & Don Moen

WHY? Do you feel blessed for the grace of God which has brought you thus far? Then this song is definitely for you! The lyrics are also perfect : 
Blessed be your name (idi ebube di ngozi)
Blessed be your name (İdi ebube di ngozi)

What a collaboration between Frank Edwards & Don Moen!




These are my top 5 Nigerian gospel singers and you can be sure to have a beautiful wedding ceremony which you will tell your grandchildren one day. 

Which song would you choose? 


  1. Great selection… spot on!! You can actually play all in the service… walking down… ‘walking up’ lol… worship.. communion… all in that service… swooning already.. you’ll be invited..!

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