Headwraps are life savers. To think that we used to see it as old school or kolo to wear headwraps also called Duku in Ga. Headwraps are here to stay and wearing it in different trendy styles whether on your straight or natural hair or braids will keep boredom away. 

My recent youtube video shows how to wrap in different styles from what’s usually out there. 

After posting this video on my Facebook Page, it went quite viral and I got a few questions on the length of fabric to use. 

Below are my tips for choosing the right fabric and the length. 

1. Using a softer african print fabric makes it easier and neater to headwrap. I used a Vlisco fabric for this headwrap. Expensive I know but it totally works out for me everytime. Hitarget which is every woman’s fabric of late due to its affordability can also be used. But wash it first to make the fabric more workable. 

2. Two yards is the best length to use to get more outstanding styles. One yard can give you a cute headwrap but if you are looking for something more glam and noticeable go with two yards. I have realised that using two yards doesn’t restrict me as I am able to do bows and bigger buns.

3. Look out for prints which have more unique details to make the headwrap stand out. Prints with strong bold lines and colors works for headwraps with bows and prints with flowery, dots and standout details works very well for the buns. But why be choosy? Go crazy!

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 source : Pinterest
source : Pinterest

What informs you when choosing a headwrap style? Do you think of the fabric to buy for a headwrap? Do share in the comments below 😘.