Photo by  Citifmonline
Photo by Citifmonline

Kumasi is rejoicing! Change has come to the Garden City and life will never be the same again with the opening of the Kumasi City Mall at Asokwa. People from all walks of life thronged to the modern shopping facility to experience what Accranians have been enjoying over the past 10 years. The key word here is all walks of life both animal and human it may seem according to Kumasi Twitter. 

Mr. Kofi Sekyere, Chairman of the Board of Kumasi City has however assured the general public and residents of the Garden City that the mall is opened to both the rich and poor and not to any particular group of people. 

Social media has since it’s opening gone aflame with photos and memes of the mall and one cannot help but wonder which is fake or authentic. Is there a photoshop battle going on with the  mall?

But this Facebook post which has since been deleted just racked up serious trolling of Kumasi folks on Facebook & Twitter. 

She obviously meant to say Kumasi Mall but became an issue of spelling it like how you say it and no-one is remembering the word Mall anymore. It’s More, people. More. 

Meanwhile, on Facebook..


What is actually baffling is how the ‘Kumasi More’ has become a tribalism argument. It’s being said that Kumasi residents have a thick skin when being teased however when they tease others they get accused of tribalism. 

Guys, it’s just a mall and Kumasi people want to enjoy it. It’s a phase they have to go through. Leave them be. Meanwhile are these photos real?? 😂

Ghana dey be! Keep rocking on Siano!