She walked into Vida E Cafe and I couldnt help but admire her delicately twisted long cornrow braids. Even from a distance, the hair looked soft and healthy. Her name is Yasmin Baba, a lawyer at Sam Okudzeto & Associates . She was super friendly and agreed to a quick 5 minute chat about her natural hair journey.

How Long Have You Been Natural ?

Yasmin: 10 years now. 

Why The Decision To Go Natural?

Yasmin: My relaxed hair was breaking actually from all the straightening and relaxing. I just started braiding alot and naturally my hair turned coily so I left it at that. I didnt cut it. 

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Have You Had Any Challenges At Work Concerning Your Natural Hair?

Yasmin: I havent. It was actually surprising. I do get quite a number of compliments. 

What’s Your Maintenance Routine Like?

Yasmin: I am very low maintenance I must admit. I wash and condition normally. I usually also braid to protect my hair and I also cut it like once a year. In the past three years I have done a proper cut to about two inches short to start all over. ☺️

Do You Have Any Particular Natural Hair Products You Use ?

Yasmin: No. I only use Shea Butter. I just choose to be as natural as possible so I use oils like Olive oil or Coconut oil. All of them in their raw state. 


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