I love this quote. It is a succinct reminder of giving up on the little things today to get the much bigger ones in the future. Just like our savings goal, which we embarked on towards a well-deserved vacation.


Its not easy giving up on the little things today as it requires a lot of discipline to walk past your favorite fast food eatery or deny yourself another handbag or shirt. But always remember‘No Pain, No Gain’. The reward at the end is always greater than the pain you go through today.


It takes small steps towards building a healthy attitude towards money and/or savings. An example of these steps is what I have been sharing in the Barclays #AfricaSaves series these few weeks. They are vital towards increasing your ability to save more.


The past two weeks has seen me being able to track my spending using my Expense app and using the Barclays Savings Calculator   I get to see how much I can save by cutting out certain expenses. You should give it a try; you will be astounded by the results!


Our goal towards a vacation is still on course and I must say Zaina Lodge is looking very appealing. J Travelling local as a tourist within your own country shows you a different cultural perspective of other towns. You get to see things from a tourist view.


This is what my tracking for some days looks like. I saved GHC100 out of an income to our joint account. No matter how small an amount, it can be saved. The last time I checked we have altogether saved almost GHC1000.


The past few days has also seen a few house repairs and maintenance services and interior works. These are the challenges which we currently face in our savings journey.


The tips from Barclays have immensely helped us on this journey. Although it can be a cringe moment to list one’s vices, it always is the first step to identify where and what your money is going into.


Although we have quite a long way to go towards our vacation, it nevertheless is a motivating picture at the front of our minds.


This article is the fifth in a series of sponsored posts for the BARCLAYS SAVINGS CHALLENGE. I hope the challenge has been as interesting for you as it has been for me. You can follow the discussion on Twitter and Facebook and share your own experience by using the hashtag #AFRICASAVES.

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