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Trying to find a trending braidstyle can be tiresome 😩. You are forever scrolling through hundreds of Pins and Instagram photos looking for whats new and look great on you at the same time. Let me take that stress off you to show you these hot braidstyles and why they just might be what you are looking for.

1. Bob Box Braids

This totally 90’s style is back with a B.O.M.B and is all over Instagram in different colours and hair textures. Although a trend of 2015, this braidstyle is not going out of style anytime soon. Braid it in a Rihanna bob cut or levelled around your neck, whatever you do just make sure you slay at it.

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2. Kinky Twist Bob Braids

Kinky braids never go out of style. Perfect for protective styles for all naturalistas, this braidstyle is also timeless and guaranteed to have heads turning. Rock it hard! 

Via BlackHairInformation (Pinterest)

3. Bob Braids

A slimmer and less heavier bob braid which keeps your head light and more freedom to style. Perfect also for protecting your natural hair for at least 2 months.


Another alternative bob braids is to have a partial cornrow in front followed by the bob braids. A less flexible style with fewer styling options but definitely a different standout look! ✌🏽✌🏽

3. Big Cornrows

Cornrows are back with a vengeance after being taken over by twists braids for some time. Braid it big and in fewer numbers. This style is only 4 plaits yet has a much more intricate pattern than all-back cornrow. You can always have one plait in a different colour to stand out. Why not? 😬

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4. CornRow Ponytail

A cornrow style to be styled in two ways: loose ends can be lifted up into an updo or left hanging at the back on less formal days. The trend of late calls for minute cornrows in-between the big plaits. Swell! 

Gabrielle Union slays in the same style and she looks absolutely GORG!

5. Box Twist Braids

An absolute trend for this year is the box twist braids. Even Brandy’s barbie is rocking it HARD. She shows off the real one and I am not sure who’s slaying it more. What do you think?

A photo posted by B R AN D Y (@4everbrandy) on

A photo posted by B R AN D Y (@4everbrandy) on

6. Cornrow & Afro

Who thought combining cornrows and  afro’s would look this fab? But yes Uzo Aduba is looking ravishing in this partial corn-row and afro puff and so can you. Fix a faux afro if your natural hair doesnt have the length, at the back after getting the braids in front to slay at this look. 

A photo posted by Uzo Aduba (@uzoaduba) on

7. Cornrow Kinky Twist Updo

Rock this style if you are the corporate woman looking for a formal look which will not stress you out in styling. Kinky twists is versatile and can be used to create this look easily. 

8. Nubian Twists

This pretty much is twists using kinky hair but shows a more ropey style than the usual twists. A must-try in exciting colors because life is short. 😘


9. Faux Locs

Faux locs are life! The lengths, colours and incredible styles one can do with faux locs is endless! Here’s some inspiration to help you decide if its a yes or 👎🏾.

Which is faux or not? 😮😅

This is an absolute darling ! Queen of faux locs using Free Tress hair.

10. Zebra Style Braids

A totally fresh and new braidstyle which involves entwining braids with a standout colour giving it a ‘zebra’ lines style. Refreshing. Would you try it?


Go get your braids up! Enjoyed this post? Do share your comments below and share the love as well 😘😘


  1. Fabulous post. Really enjoyed it. You won’t believe how a dilemma like a hair style can take up your time and waste your money. Really pleased I found this before I went to look for a hairdresser. Thanks.

    • Thank you Adisa 🙂 It can be quite stressful looking for hairstyles especially amongst the mountainful of photos online. Glad you found this useful 😀

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