I got a call from an interested participant in the upcoming #DGBizWomen Digital Skills & Literacy Training Workshop in which I will be leading as a Trainer alongside Jemila Abdulai (Circumspecte) and Efo Dela. She wanted to know why she should sign up to the workshop and what she stands to gain. 

Although I was slightly surprised I was nevertheless happy she asked.  This is to add to what I took her through during the conversation. 

Why should you as a woman require digital skills and be digitally literate? 

Let’s take the scenario of you being a professional woman in the corporate world and why you need these skills.

1. The career industry is evolving with an increase in demand for more digitally skilled personnel. Things have gone beyond knowing and using Microsoft Word & Excel. There’s cloud storage applications, productivity apps, etc which many organisations are using today and it’s essential to know why these apps exist and when to use them for whatever purpose. 

2. In this economy, having a day job is no longer sufficient to meet your needs and an alternative source of income is more important than ever. You can easily do this if your idea involves the selling of tangible products. This is achievable by owning a custom storefront / online store where you dont have to worry about rent and other overhead costs. This is one of the modules which will be taught during the workshop. 

3. You need to brand yourself professionally online using appropriate social media tools in order to attract prospective employers. How can you do this? That is what Jemila will be training on as well. 

Another scenario is if you are a woman entrepreneur in any industry and naturally you want to increase sales so as to make a profit;

1. You need digital skills on social media to be able to acquaint yourself on strategies on how to connect with your fans with the right messages and content. How can you turn likes to sales? This is another area which we will focus on during the workshop.

2. Many women entrepreneurs in Ghana either have a tangible product on sale or are offering a service in one form or the other. Whether you are a model, a baker, a bag or accessory maker, etc how can you brand yourself on social media for prospective clients to make an offer for what you do? Discover this as well at the workshop.

3. How can you sell more on your e-commerce website and on social media? There are proven strategies to ensure conversions on your website from your social media pages and this is an opportunity to learn how. 

If you are a student, you need digital skills in addition to the other skills you build in school. There’s no excuse for you as a student to say there’s no opportunity for digital skill development. 😀 for the youth. 

During this workshop I will be leading on start and grow your e-commerce business. This will entail setting up a store, loading up your products, taking quality photos and how to sell the products using social media. 

Register here to book your seat. We have special discounts for students as well and if you are a student you can contact me directly via the contact on the poster. 



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