Back in Ridge Church School we were grouped in groups of 5 and each group was taught how to start a vegetable garden. It was a really exciting moment which taught us how to create the beds, how to distance seeds and best of all how to harvest the produce. Beautiful memories. 

Vegetable gardening skills is slowly escaping most of us. Many homes are now concreted with most people not wanting to bother with the maintenance and care which comes with owning a garden (horticultural or vegetable). But what eludes most people is that, having a garden is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of keeping your home more fresh and healthier.

  • Greens in your home ensures that the surrounding air is fresher due to plants taking in carbon-dioxide and releasing oxygen back into the air. 
  • Having a garden is great stress reliever which helps you take your mind off work and deadlines.
  • It helps you to be more physically active as gardening involves shovelling, composting etc. Your body needs to be physically active.

Last year at the Ghana Garden & Flower Show #GGFS2016, it was indeed a rare find to discover vendors in the horticultural industry all together in one place. It was a place to find everything you need to start your own vegetable or flower garden.

The event this year, organised by STRATCOMM Africa is once again taking place at the Efua Sutherland Park and starting from 8th September to 14th September the event promises a whole lineup of not just flower exhibitions but a #PartyInthePark night on the 10th. 

There will be conferences, workshops, a BBQ Cookoff, a Jazz Night featuring CinaSoul amongst many others. So whether you choose to come during the day or after working hours there’s something for you to indulge in.

 The event is in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) goal towards ecotourism in order to create awareness about the commercial and psychological benefits of horticulture and floriculture. 

This will be an event worth attending as it also brings you an opportunity to network and find new business partners and suppliers. 

Bring your kids👭  too so you can teach them how make the earth green. It’s so important for them to learn how to maintain the earth looking at how some are destroying our country through galamsey. 😡

Follow more on the event using the hashtag #GGFS2016 and follow @onebaobab for live streaming, photos and interviews and so much more! 



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