Highlife in Ghana is not dead. We may have meandered away a bit over the past few years with HipLife taking center-stage in the music industry but thankfully, we are finding our way back. 

Asenso is one of those musicians bringing us back onto the almost-forgotten path and after listening to Jaara, I felt a stirring within me. Not that kind of stirring ๐Ÿ˜. But a pleasurable emotion that all was not lost.  

George Asenso Acheaw whose stage name is Asenso is a rising soulful highlife musician in Ghana who has launched Jaara.  

Asenso is under the Eagleye Record Label and a Part of the HigherLife Music group ( next generation Artistes under the label taking Ghanaian music to the next level) which includes other artiste as Lingua , Worta and Dhakiyah.


Jaara in Hausa means ” Top Up” or ” Add On” is a sensuously stimulating song yet with an upbeat body swaying tempo. It’s one of those songs, you definitely cannot dance alone. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

 The song is all about the calling of a lonely young man to his beautiful Julie to come and keep him warm as he’s feeling cold. His voice speaks of his yearning as he questions when his love will return home. Yep, loneliness isn’t a good thing. 

It’s beautiful ballad for weddings, private parties, bridal showers, etc. This song is going places! I would want to hear Asenso sing with a live-band though. That I think will be an ultimate test of his singing abilities. Or what do you think? Over to you Asenso. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Have a listen to Jaara yourself and tell me you aren’t bobbing your head already.

Follow his rising music journey on Twitter @Asensomusicgh Facebook @Asensomusicgh SoundCoud @Asensomusicgh



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