Yes you read that right. Presidential candidate and hopeful Nana Akufo-Addo is tearing his Twitter account to shreds with his tweetstorm #ItWontWork. So far his timeline is flooded with the hashtag to communicate to his opponents ( key or minor)  that no matter what they say or do #ItWontWork. 

Last week, there seemed to be an exchange of words or should I say ‘name calling from the camp of the President and that of the Presidential hopeful. Has this abated? 

Well, as to whether it has stopped, Nana Addo is using his account to air his feelings. 

Here are some of his tweets which are slowly increasing in engagement and will soon be trending..

But who made this derogatory statement? Smh.

Why would anyone say this? Can we discuss issues prevailing in our country? 

Has someone gone where they shouldn’t? 

The Presidential hopeful ended his tweetstorm with one last strike. 

Social media in Ghana is going to get a whole lot more interesting during this election period. There’s a whole lot more the Presidential candidates can do online to communicate how they plan to solve social issues in Ghana. 

What do you think of the #ItWontWork tweetstorm? Will it work? 

Disclaimer: I am not affliated to any political party in Ghana. This post is free of any political influence from any party or individual. Any comment from any reader which is defamatory in nature will not be approved so dont waste your time posting it. Thank you.


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