I didn’t start using makeup early. I vividly remember my friends tweaking their eyebrows, wearing foundation etc whilst in their early twenties. It was all very new for me.  All I really cared about was sneakers and jeans with my hair pulled back into a ponytail. Baby powder was enough for me.

Then I slowly started working my way into discovering which makeup was good for me. I started first with Sleek pressed powder makeup which I bought at a retail store at Makola market. It was always a challenge getting the right applicator for the powder. It was always a cringing moment when the foamy applicator after a few uses, starts breaking up into pieces. Little pieces of foam everywhere; on my face, on the dresser, on my shirt…you can relate if you have used it before.


Then I moved on to Mary Kay crème-to-powder makeup which came with it’s own applicator. Their applicator was a better experience than the foamy applicator from before. It definitely didn’t break up.

It got dirty rather quickly requiring me to wash it at least more than twice a month.

Fast forward to this year when I changed over from using the MaryKay cosmetic sponge to a powder buffer from Evita Jospeh. I came across the expansive range of cosmetics by Evita Joseph at the Auntie Oboshie Festival some weeks ago. I was intrigued by the luxurious softness of the bristles. How would it feel on my skin? 

My makeup routine is pretty short and quick most mornings and I was delighted to see how quickly the brush gave me a full coverage in less than 3 minutes. The video below shows my first trial of the brush (before and after) It was pretty amazing results! 


I took a selfie after. What do you think? Full coverage without looking too made up, isnt it? 

You know your makeup is on point when someone compliments you that you are looking fresh!

I was very satisfied with the brush. 


5 things I love about the Evita Joseph Powder Buffer


·      The brush is always quick on hand to pick and dab and blend before rushing out to a meeting.

·      It doesn’t feel like I am using a brush on my face, thanks to the amazingly soft bristles.

·      A few dabs of makeup gives more coverage which I find to be makeup saving. Of late MaryKay is riding on the dollar like everything else in Ghana.

·      I don’t have to worry about staining my hands like I do when using the cosmetic sponge.

·      It makes me look totally rad!

Now I am thinking of grabbing her other brushes as well. I am hooked! 



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