I have an event bucket list. Everyone should have an event bucket list of events they have been meaning to go to for almost a decade now.  Whether it’s in China or Tanzania, we all need an event bucket list. Life is too short to just be going to annual musical concerts which usually only happen during the Christmas holidays. Too short, I tell you.

An event bucket list is also a great way to make sure you don’t suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Instead of being connected to your phone and laptop, you actually get to go out and never have fear missing out on real fun and experience.

Someone once asked me what I love to do when not working. I think my answer surprised them when I made mention of going to food fairs, jazz festivals and live plays. Perhaps I don’t look the type hence their surprise.

My event bucket list is pretty short and simple. That way I can easily meet the targets and hopefully update it with newly introduced events around the world.


First on my list is

The Paris Fashion Week.

Because MercedesBenz New York Fashion Week 2015 made me thirst and pine for more enthralling street-style fashion. It’s also Paris! Parisian fashion is fascinating and whenever I catch up on my Flipboard magazine, I just feel like teleporting into the screen. Parisian fashion bloggers are so lithe and beautifully elegantwhich is really enviable ?


2. Attend a world-class jazz festival in New York City like the New York City Jazz Festival. A savvy mix of Jazz musicians from around the world are lined up this month and the rest of the year. I just want that experience of being at the Lincoln Center during one of the Jazz night sessions.


3. Any food & drink event with different international cuisines to sample from.

I love good food. Good food makes me talk a lot. Strange, I know. But like the effect of good wine on another person, so is the same effect of good food on me. Most of my friends can testify of this. The NYC African Food Festival is looking really promising for this list. Hopefully it will be an annual event so I can start saving towards next year.  Food fairs in any country gives a first-hand taste bud experience of local cuisines. These are very unmissable.


4. The Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival is the newest event to go on my event bucket list.  Hip-Hop back in the 90’s was the shizzle!! I am a major Tupac, MethodMan, Eminem fan and any opportunity to experience live rap performances, beatboxing etc is very welcome. 


This is my very short event bucket list. I did mention that it would simple and short, right? Summer in Europe and North America is already here and most events are also lined up to celebrate some warmth and love!

Your event bucket list doesn’t have to be like mine. You can create one locally in your city or town using Eventbrite as a guide to find out what’s happening around you.



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