If you have never come across the highly visual photography work of Nana Kofi Acquah, then this is your opportunity to see how he tells the African story. The story which the rest of the world never sees. He captures and documents Africans in their everyday life with an objective to         re-position Africa with new imagery. There are few Ghanaian photographers who capture Africa like he does. 

On this day, many years ago, This Free Spirit was born by a slave castle into a family of bold and beautiful people. He ran along the shores with glee Oblivious to the pain and tears many had shed in shackles on that same shore. Every time it's my birthday, a voice tells me: "You are here to right the past. To build bridges so those who were taken away can find their way back home. You are here to help ensure that what happened never happens again. You are here to restore Hope and Love and Dignity". Photo and Words by Nana Kofi Acquah (www.nkaphoto.com) @africashowboy (Copyright: 2016). @alueducation #LeadTheChange; #AfricaRising; #InspireAfrica, #ALU #surfing #kokrobite #Elmina #Ghana #silhoette #iphone #iphonography

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Also known as @africashowboy on Instagram, Nana Kofi is an award-winning blogger and poet whose love for Fuji cameras cannot be underestimated. 

It is heart-warming and encouraging to see influential African Instagrammers and Photographers like Nana Kofi get international recognition for their commitment and passionate drive in creating African stories that move people into action. 

The inaugural Tim Hetherington Trust / World Press Photo Foundation Fellowship recently awarded Nana Kofi Acquah as its first fellow towards developing his project about gender/women in Africa, thereby contributing to a new African visual voice.

He also got awarded  €5,000 to be provided equally by the Tim Hetherington Trust and the World Press Photo Foundation and its partners.

What else does this award mean for Nana Kofi? 

The World Press Photo Foundation and the Tim Hetherington Trust will support future beneficiaries by focusing on the opportunities for them to be involved in the media economy, either through support for education or by connecting them to the best international networks.

The fellowship will assist visual storytellers by providing access to training or mentorship so they can further their projects and mission. Fellows will become part of sustainable network focused on innovative processes and permanent education. The fellows from each year will become part of the network and will play a role in selecting new fellows. The aim is to grow and strengthen a network of multiple skills that provides on-going support.

This should motivate Ghanaian Instagrammers to do more in their story-telling photos to take advantage of such mentorship opportunities reposting without credit like some do. Tsk..tsk. 

Congratulations to Nana Kofi Acquah! We are proud of you! Nyomo ajorr bo daa k3 daa! 





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