The need for solar energy in Ghana has become more pertinent than ever before! A country with 365/366 days of free sunshine, which can get as hot as 37 degrees on a normal day we have slacked in putting measures in place to tap into this alternative energy source. 

Thankfully all this is about to change with the first solar panels manufacturing plant which was launched recently by Strategic Partner Solutions (SPS) a key subsidiary of Strategic Solutions Systems International, 3SiL.

The solar panels manufacturing plant is located in Kpone (4kms from the Tema Roundabout on the Aflao Road).

The opening of the plant brought several invited dignitaries, guests and media houses to the event. A late start to the event which was supposed to start at 11am eventually took off after 12pm. 

Mr. Jerry Adjorloloo, Ghana’s hottest corporate MC delivered excellently as usual to the impatient guests after some sweat-drenching minutes of waiting. 

Strategic Power Solutions a subsidiary of 3SiL, handing the manufacturing of solar panels in Ghana and the West African sub-region. The company is founded and chaired by Dr. Francis Akuamoah-Boateng and has Oheneba Ofori Boateng (son of Dr. Francis Akuamoah-Boateng) as its CEO.

In his opening speech to guests, Mr Oheneba emphasised the need for “approaches towards the use of renewable, clean energy at a time when Ghanaians are still looking for alternative, stable and affordable energy to complement what is produced at the national grid; and especially in our our part of the world where we have such resources in abundance”. 

Dr. Francis Akuamoah-Boateng followed with his inspirational message by quoting that “success that does not impact my country and its citizens is not success at all”. His entrepreneurial journey in many businesses has been arduous and long filled with some failures. 

He couldnt help but show appreciation to his mother for bringing him up in discipline and love.

Mother of Dr. Francis Akuamoah-Boateng

Keynote speaker Dr. Mensa Otabil, overseer of International Central Gospel Church was next in a much anticipated address. The revered religious leader was blunt and honest as usual in his delivery on how the fundamentals and basics are not being solved in Ghana which is leading to a national crisis. He praised Dr. Akuamoah-Boateng for his entrepreneurial spirit and faith in God which has brought him this far. 

His speech was however interrupted by the late arrival of the Akyempemhene who was the Asantehene’s representative for the occasion. 

He then continued on why many of our problems are not being solved in this country: the government is too busy playing political power play. “We must develop the ethics of saying right is right no matter who does it and wrong is wrong no matter who does it,” he further stressed. On pursuing righteousness no political party can come out to claim exclusivity for things which are accomplished. 

“We must develop the ethics of saying right is right no matter who does it and wrong is wrong no matter who does it,” – Mensa Otabil

Former President John Kufour slipped in a few words after Dr. Mensa Otabil’s address.

Special dignitaries from the Namibian Ambassador to executive managers from GRIDCO were present during the launch.

The Akempemhene finally read the Asantehene’s speech in his absence which was laced with brilliant humour from the Akyempene. 

The plant was then opened by Dr Mensa Otabil and the Akyempemhene who cut the ribbon to the plants entrance.  

The ultra-modern plant was clean and held various equipments behind which several engineers worked on sheets of panels.  

The VIP entourage went around to satisfy their curiosity about the various functions of the machines. 

The engineers looked confident in their PPE (personal protective equipment) and various safety measures could be seen around the workplace. 

The solar modules are of various sizes of installation with products including micro/macro solar grid systems and also supplies and installs of off-grid and grid systems, photovoltaic systems and PV streetlights. Currently the modules are generating 30MW per year which is expected to be upgraded to 100MW per year. 

The Akyempemhene then unveiled the plague to the plant with Dr. Mensa Otabil and Former President Kufour. 

Is this the end of Ghana’s power crisis? Will solar panel be cost-effective for every Ghanaian home? Share your comments below on your thoughts about this venture.


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