I love to blog. I never realised that my love for reading and writing poems and short stories would grow into this beautiful blog and space for creating and sharing incredibly valuable content.  Its been five years and counting since I started to blog, writing first about my opinions on things which interested me which interestingly spanned from weddings, relationships, food etc. Eventually this all came together to be a lifestyle blog. 

I joined Blogging Ghana some three years ago to be more connected to other Ghanaian bloggers in the blogosphere and learn ways to improve on my blogging skills. It’s been a great association since I joined. Blogging Ghana is once again holding its Blogging & Social Media Awards 2016 to recognise and award bloggers who are creating original content and have an influential following on social media. 

My blog has been nominated as Best Blog & Best Facebook Profile by many of my readers which now sees it in the final nomination lists. Whoop!! Its now time to vote towards the awards ceremony to be held some time in May 2016. I am actually miffed at how I didnt make the Best Blogger nomination although many readers nominated me for that category. I sent an enquiry to the awards committee on this and got a rather unsatisfactory response. I had a few of my fans sending mail asking what the difference is between Best Blog & Best Blogger and how my blog wasnt in that list. What could I say? 

Anyway, to vote for my blog for the Best Blog & Best Facebook Profile here is what to do:

1. Click on this link – http://bit.ly/1R1KttH 

2. Enter your email address (screengrab below).


3. Check that email address & Verify your email address (VERY IMPORTANT STEP!) to get your vote counted. 

4. Go back to the voting page & click the link shared in step one which is here again http://bit.ly/1R1KttH . Now you can start voting.

Not an easy voting process right? But it works! lol! It must be a check against fraudulent votes or something. Hehehe..

Do tweet at me when you vote for me so I send you lots of RT love! Muah!! 




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