Photo by Bread & Wine on Facebook
Photo by Bread & Wine on Facebook

The news is already fast spreading on social media like a quick spreading heat rash….Bread & Wine the Italian restaurant is shutting down. Why you ask? Read on..

Just this evening whilst I was listening to Mutombo share his journey of his photography career at the Blogging Ghana meetup when i got a Telegram message with a screenshot from the Facebook account of Bread & Wine. The restaurant posted that due to excessive electricity bills by ECG totalling up to GHC 30,000+ a month they have to shut down! Thirty what? Thousand oh thousand. 

They are completely confused and dazed about how the use of their AC’s during lunch and dinner time were leading to such gargantuan bills per month. 

I noted with interest and wondered why the restaurant are on a post-paid billing system. A system which anyone can ride on the back of and push costs onto the original consumer. Post paid is a not-not in Ghana. I don’t know what arrangement the restaurant had with ECG but going with this system is most probably the cause of their woes. 

Did the restaurant escalate this to management levels at ECG? I wouldn’t know. And about the un-necessary and rude comment by the ECG personnel which chips away at our globally recognised ‘Ghanaians are very hospitable’ recognition; I would say shame to that person. Shame, you incorrigible person (man/woman). 

It’s really sad as I have missed out on have a dinner which according to friends costs somewhere between $$$$$. Pricey, oh yeahh! The pastry shop which I have been to several times though had sensational light croissant and unbeatable coffee! Mmmmm…going back into time.

As a business, having a post-paid account with ECG is definitely not the best way to go.

Incase you already own one just do the following two things: 

  • Conduct regular checks on the consumption
  • If you notice anything weird happening with your meter, return it immediately and request for a new one. No dillydallying on this one. 

Prepaid is better but even that one kwraa of late Ghanaians have been bitterly complaining on how fast this also runs within a short time. The woes of the citizens seems endless. 


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