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 It’s that time of the year again where people get to show how loving and caring they can be to their significant other. For those who already show these lovable traits, this will be another opportunity to make memorable moments which will linger in the minds of their partner for a long time to come. 

You can expect to see how women are eagerly looking forward to Valentines Day whilst some men are scratching their heads wondering how to have a memorable day at a lesser price.   

Even though this day has been set aside to celebrate our feelings of affection for our better halves, most often than not in some cultures, it has become a constant ritual that the man in the relationship bares the responsibility of making Valentine’s Day a memorable one and all the woman does is only make herself ready for the surprise. 

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if both partners were to surprise each other on that day? Wouldn’t it be great if men got something back for all the years they have tried to make their women happy? Of course it will! Now, here is the big question, what does a man really want for Valentine’s Day?  

Speaking to a few men out there it seems the common things they want are actually quite priceless! 

A day with you and no one else.

Most guys are often out at work or spending hours in traffic, hence less time at home. On a day like this, instead of asking him to take you to that restaurant down the street, or that new place you heard of on the radio, why don’t you decide to keep him at home and spend quality time with him. Ask him about his week, ask him about that project he mentioned to you sometime back, don’t forget to talk about how far you two have come and how much you love him (after all, it’s a day to show affection, right?).

Almost every guy has that soft spot for video games, play a game with him as well.

 photo credit: Joshua Ezzell
photo credit: Joshua Ezzell

Talking alone can get boring, so spice the day up with his favourite game. You will be surprised how well this could turn out for you eventually. 


A Special treat

Guys love attention. You may not know this. A special meal on a day like this won’t be a bad idea, you know that meal he asked for two weeks ago, why don’t you prepare it for him? Give him a treat with that. Also, don’t forget to give him a well-earned massage, especially that foot rub and back massage. He will cherish it, if you can’t do it yourself; there is always an alternative to book a spa for a well-deserved me time!   

Write Him a Note 

Do you remember how you use to write notes in primary school and put it under a friends’ desk? Yes! That’s the same technique you need to apply here. Write a simple note telling him you love him or, telling him how lucky you are to be his. Put it either in his jacket, between his laptop or a place he will be able to find it.

 Photo credit Bill Israel
Photo credit Bill Israel

Follow up with a series of simple text messages during the day reminding him of some of the good times you two have had (you can add future plans too).


Your Happiness Alone is Sufficient.

 The joy of every man is to see his wife or girlfriend smile whenever she sees him; it gives him a sense of fulfillment. It gives him a nod that his efforts in the relationship is very much appreciated and that he can even do more to keep you smiling. Tell him how happy you are to have him. Men love praises; you probably do this almost every day, but on Valentine’s Day, do it extra. If possible get him something you know he really needs. E.g. If he is a journalist, get him a recorder. If he is a basketball player, get him a new sneaker.

So Ladies, let me ask you. What are you getting your darling/ special friend/ bestfriend this Valentine’s Day? 

Guest blogger Kojo Nyed is a blogger & social media enthusiast. He is currently a graduate trainee at social media agency OneBaobab. 



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