The world has gotten busier.  Everyone is busy. Busy is the excuse given when you call a friend you haven’t heard from in ages. Busy is the reason given for missing out on important events. We are so busy that we miss out on the little luxury moments of life.

Luxury doesn’t have to be something draped in opulence. It really shouldn’t be about spending millions or thousands to go to an island or to be able to afford a Cavalli or Tiffany jewels. Those are material gains which don’t last.

Having time to do little things, which we are so easy to take for granted are now moments of luxury.  Calling a friend, baking, quiet time reading a book, going for a walk on the beach: simple luxuries of life.

 enjoy your passions 
enjoy your passions 

When was the last time you soaked in a bath with glorious bubbles surrounding and melting away the busyness of life? Or had a long hot shower whilst singing along to Odo Carpenter? Very long eh? 

I found taking time to enjoy such luxurious moments is important to de-stress, rejuvenate and relax my muscles and mind. Recently I have been using a line of products which is helping me do that. The body wash is the type which wants you to spend endless hours in the shower singing at the top of your voice. Total luxury.

Luxury is being able to take good care of your body using quality affordable products.  Remember that deodorant which leaves white lines under your armpit after it dries out? Embarrassing isn’t it? Especially when you lift up your hands in worship in Church. Mercy!

I am careful in picking the right deodorants. Deodorants which are alcohol based do promise faster drying. This however can lead to a skin reaction to the alcohol. I go with deodorants with moisturizers to keep me fresh through the day; that what I get from the deodorant line of this timeless product. No need to worry about stained armpits.


I have a friend whose skin is so perfect that the only facial powder she uses is talcum, what we affectionately call ‘Korle-Bu’ powder. Do you still use talcum? I find it a cost-effective product for quick-touchups when my skin starts getting shiny.

Always have time for your personal care & hygiene regimen. It totally boosts you up for a great day! Take time to enjoy #littleluxurymoments.

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