MsAdjei on Instagram
MsAdjei on Instagram

Her Instagram photos are stylish with hints of vintage blending in with a classic 90’s velvety feel. Her fluffy and gorgeous natural hair shone back at me with almost every scroll on her Instagram feed. That is what drew me in to find out more about Ms. Adjei, co-producer of An African City and a 90’s RnB Historian amongst other savvy things on another edition of #MyKpenkpeshie 

1. My thoughts on African women going back to their natural hair roots

 I’m excited to see more women on the continent ( and Ghana specifically) embracing their natural hair. It’s been a drastic change from even 5 years ago. I can’t tell you how many people (family members included) told me to relax my hair or assumed I was African American when I was visiting Ghana 5 years ago.

2. My biggest challenge with my hair

 The biggest challenge is probably my laziness when it comes to my hair. Aside that; I don’t have any challenges with my hair. I’ve been natural for almost 7 years so I’ve got a pretty good handle on how to deal with it.  9 times out of 10 I’ll have it in a bun for weeks which means when it’s time to detangle it’s a nightmare!


3. I love my hair because

 It’s mine! I have no choice but to love it. It’s part of me and makes me feel the most beautiful, confident and comfortable.


4. The connection between African fashion and natural hair is

I actually don’t think there’s an inherent connection between the two. I think they are certainly complimentary but I think African fashion can stand alone within any aesthetic. 


5. My definition of style is

 the ability to seamlessly let your personality and how you feel ooze out of the clothes you wear and how you carry yourself while STILL setting yourself apart from the next person.


6. The funniest description I heard about my hair

 The funniest thing I’ve heard in relation to my hair is my aunt asking me “Wu kor Deeper Life anaa?” because my hair was natural. I didn’t even know what Deeper Life was at the time but I now know it’s a church where the women do not relax their hair.

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7. I dream of

Living in the suburbs or on a farm growing my own vegetables with my family. I went to Sirigu in the Northern region recently and I would move there in a heart beat if the stars align. It’s beautiful. 

8. My three favorite things

 90’s RnB


Vintage anything.


9. Three lines from my favorite 90’s Rnb song

 Choosing my favorite 90’s RnB song is damn near impossible. Impossible! I can’t do it! I’ll say every week I’m stuck on a new 90’s Artist/Album and this week it’s definitely TLC’s Crazy, Sexy, Cool. Red Light Special is my unofficial karaoke in the mirror song.


10. My passions are

 Acting, content creation, Repurposing furniture, My family, Banku and Okro soup (Ewe style). None of that faux okro soup Ashanti’s try to make (I’m talking to you Ma!)


11. I can be found working on

An African City Season 2 as both an actor and producer, New film projects (shhh) and my passion project which I’m so excited about. It’s travel related and in the works!


12. I define peace as

Being home making to do lists…lol.  Large bodies of water; driving long distances with my friends and painting a piece of furniture. Being loved for everything I am and everything I’m not.


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