I bought Vodafone credit yesterday on my way to a meeting. The seller said he had only the 5cedis card and if I wouldn’t mind to have two of that. No worries I told him. At least I would be having two cards to scratch which would increase my chance of winning something in the #YeeTwiKor promotion.

He passed them through the window. The first scratch-able panel has the concealed recharge pin and the second panel has the hidden prize which when scratched reveals what the customer has won. To think that I wasn’t previously aware of the promo some time ago and almost threw away the card. Curiosity got the better of me before it dawned on me.

I scratched and scratched at the latex covering on the second panel with my car key with curious fervor. TRY AGAIN appeared beneath the key tip. Noooo!! Oh well! I didn’t win any credit or Vodafone Cash but that didn’t mean I couldn’t win anything at all.

So here’s the deal. When you scratch the card and you get TRY AGAIN like I did, don’t lose hope wai! Your number is actually placed in a pool of other numbers which builds points for you. Whenever you recharge your credit, make calls, use the internet, send SMS and purchase your preferred bundles, you are actually building points.

After recharging I got a text showing my total number of points gained from the recharge and my total in all since the promo began. I am currently at 2142 points.  I need to work extra hard oh!

Whether you call, text or browse you are awarded points based on the amount you recharge or spend. For every 10 pesewas you recharge or spend, you gain 1 point. This qualifies you for the race to win the ultimate cash prize of GHS100, 000 at the end of the 70 days! What would or could you do with GHS 100,000? Buy land? A house? A car or a farm? Endless possibilities! 

Some very lucky guys in Kumasi won the monthly cash prizes and I couldn’t help but admire their vim!

Here are some very important points to also note about the promo:

  •   If you scratch and see another 14-digit pin number on the second panel that means it is additional airtime which you have won! Load it up immediately in addition to the previous/initial pin.
  • Secondly if you win Vodafone Cash after scratching the second panel, you will have your prize money delivered to your phone through Vodafone Cash.  Just make sure you have recharged your phone with the airtime you paid for on the scratch card. This will ensure it registers in the Vodafone system. Another thing you can do is to register your Vodafone Cash accounts and be able to buy airtime with your prize money.
  •  If you win in the weekly cash prize, the amount will be delivered directly to your phone through Vodafone Cash. You can then withdraw the cash at any Vodafone Cash agent nationwide or register your Vodafone Cash account.

Do you want to know how many points you have garnered from all therecharges you have made? Dial *5000# to join the promo, check your points, check your group, stop the promo or know more about it.


This is a sponsored post for VodafoneGhana towards the #YeeTwiKor consumer reward promotion. This is a true first-of-its-kind promotion in the telco industry to reward over 180,000 customers nationwide over a period of over 70days.  






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