O.Q – Retrofab sounds exciting. what really is it about? 

 Retro Fab Fashion Weekend is a 3-day fashion, beauty and lifestyle event. The first night is the fashion show ‘Retro Fab Fashion Night’ where we work with boutiques/brands and have STYLISTS style the pieces for the runway. So mainly ‘pret-a-porter’ pieces on the runway.

Then we have the 2 days fair ‘Retro Fab Fashion Bazaar’ afterwards.


O.Q  Who are the organisers 

 Retro Fab Fashion Weekend is organised by Ebony & Ivory Productions Ltd., an events, production, model management and concept development company.


O.Q What makes Retro Fab different from other fashion fairs in Ghana?

Retro Fab Fashion Weekend is not just a fair but there is also a fashion show, which means we provide different platforms for our vendors to exhibit their brands to different clientele in different atmosphere and setting. The vendors decide and choose which of the platforms work better for them.

O.Q How was last year’s event?

It was great. There was growth from the first year to last year’s event. Growth in terms of the kinds and number of brands that participated in both the fashion show and the bazaar. Growth in the organisation and growth in the amazing team and models we had on board to support the event. 


O.Q What should we expect from this year’s event?

This year’s event is going to be awesome. We have 3 of the best fashion STYLISTS, amazing models, great production team and big brands for the Fashion Night and this follows up with an after party at Bedouin Lounge on the 4th of December. Then we have the fair (5th & 6th December) in Dzorwulu opposite the UBA bank, on the Aphrodisiac Rd with the regular fair activities such as Makeup testing, cocktails and wine sampling. We also have special activities for the kids (KIDS Corner):- face painting, arts and crafts activities, fashion show and maybe will have Santa there with surprises.


O.Q Aside this fair, does Retro Fab have other exciting events coming up?

There is an online project we are putting together as an extension of the event. Its coming SOON.

O.Q Should we look forward to discounts? 🙂 

Yes, there’s going to lots of discounts and some freebies.

O.Q How is 2016 looking for Retro Fab?

In 2016, we are going further with the online project and giving the best to the consumers as well as the clients and we are growing from where we are now to making brand stronger and better

Find RetroFab on Facebook for more details or bookings.


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