First it was spaghetti, then Angelina and now its the Nsubra print. Something is working too well with our print fabrics. Its almost upsetting and frustrating but then its positive as Ghanaians are embracing print fabric for their everyday wear. What happened? Well someway somewhow the Nsubra fabric is in short supply on the fabric market. That is what is upsetting me.  I am referring to the really exciting patterns which has about two or three contrasting colors. The ones I have seen aren’t that much to write about or even buy. They are boring due to the similar colors in use.

What makes Nsubra exciting is this. See how brilliantly the colors stand out?

I went on a determined search last weekend to find my beloved Nsubra and in the end had to settle for the Binta version. That wasn’t quite bad I should say.

Christma is just around the bend and I can predict that Nsubra & Angelina styles will trend at every party in town & during church activities.

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There’s something catchy and attention-calling about this fabric which makes it a versatile print for all kinds of occasions. Whether its a jacket slung over your shoulder as you stride towards a business lunch or a slowly maxi-skirt, the round rings of the pattern always makes other’s turn to look back at you. 

Here’s my Pinterest curated gallery of Nsubra fabric used for dresses, shirts, jackets and pants. They will definitely inspire you before you get to your seamstress’s for your ‘bronya’ dress. 

Are you inspired yet? Which was your favourite? 



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