Photography in Ghana is a growing creative industry. The growth has escalated over the past five years due to the ease of use of DSLR’s by camera equipment companies like Canon & Nikon. Most of the images being produced by most photographers in Ghana are beautiful and powerful. The rate being charged currently by most of them is somewhere between $1,000-$3,000 to cover events.


However, there are a few good professional photographers telling compelling stories with their photography works. Their combination of all the key factors of photography brings out the vividness in one shot. One such maestro is EmmanuelBobbie popularly & fondly called ‘Bobie Pixel’.

His work transcends from studio photography to natural lighting photography where he captures the everyday life in Ghana in a most intriguing story-telling manner. His clients ranges from celebrities, corporate to the everyday Ghanaian looking to be transformed by Bobie’s lens.


His use of beautiful soft lighting, composition, great subjects, simplistic background and post-editing skills combine to make every image ‘likeable’ on social media where he shares his work.

Why wouldn’t he therefore be noticed by BBCAfrica for this photo?


Do you want to learn how to shoot the ‘BobiePixel’ way? Interested in knowing the tricks and skills of pro-lighting for your photography? Then register for his upcoming Lighting Photography Workshop to improve on your current lighting skills, which can make you very valuable in the industry.

The workshop is being organized for photography professionals & photography enthusiasts.


Topics to cover during the 7 hour workshop will range from

• Lighting: Positioning, Shaping & Manipulation

• Mastering your Camera’s controls

• Composition

• The best time of the day to shoot

• Building rapport with your subjects

• Post-production workflow & retouching


What should you bring to the workshop? Well, lots of energy & enthusiasm because Bobie has a lot of energy and vim so you gotta keep up! No slow tins. Also add a fully charged camera, memory cards, a bucketful of imagination and creativity. That is it. Oh wait! And GHC300 p3!


At the end of this workshop you will gain a deeper understanding of photography, possess the ability to be light and shoot any subject and make images that you simply won’t believe. And of course be making big bucks soon.


Click here to register 


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